I just installed the Udemy app and didn't search for anything yet...

me, eye-contact 

I visited the Frog Sultan. 🐸

I was bored of taking notes in stale planners/agendas of past years so I went out to buy some fresh notebooks. (And an overpriced biro even though I'm going to keep using my fountain pens.)

Taken without context from Racket Discord (courtesy of r16 bot).

I hate gamification in apps. It feels particularly disingenuous when it's obvious they're doing it to promote regular use with crumbs of dopamine like daily streaks and achievements.

I woke up early, got bored, hyperfocused and wrote a graphical utility for calculating bidding values of hands for in one sitting. Only a bit over 500 lines of . Give it a try here: github.com/erkin/skat-bidder

I forgot to share this here: I finished a 2 m scarf in brioche stitch a couple months ago.

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