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Mi elĉerpis ses rolojn da filmo ĝis hodiaŭ. La plej grandan parton de la filmo mi malŝparis por foti hazardajn aferojn, kiel floroj, konstruaĵoj, katoj kaj arboj... Filmo bedaŭrinde estas tre multekosta nuntempe, do mi devas ŝpari de nun. :blobcatgooglycry: Morgaŭ iros mi al fotejo por rivelado. Mi scivolas, kiel la filmo rezultos.

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Montriĝis, ke mia patro estis fotisto, kiam li estis juna. Li hieraŭ eltrovis lian fotilon kun ties tripiedo kaj fulmlumilo. Ĝi estas tre peza. :blobcatsweat:

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Jen la menciita fotilo kaj la plia, kiun mi ĵus hieraŭ aĉetis malmultekoste. (Ĝi ankoraŭ enhavis parte uzatan filmon...)

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Useful one-liner of the day:
import png:- | xclip -selection clipboard -target image/png
Uses xclip(1) and ImageMagick to take a screenshot snippet in PNG, cropped by your cursor.

Mi hodiaŭ trovis malnovan kodakon en skatolo en mia ĉambro kaj rete mendis freŝan kartoĉon da kolora filmo por ĝi. Mi preskaŭ neniam uzas fotilon krom mian telefonon por foti katojn ekstere. Plue mi rigardas fotarton, kiel multekosta kaj malfacila ŝatokupo. Tamen mi lastatempe trafis la nocio «lomografio», nome popola fotarto uzante malmultekostajn plastikajn kodakojn. Pro difektoj kaj mankoj de menciitaj fotiloj, finaj fotoj ŝajnas bonaspektaj en «Lo-Fi» maniero. Do mi pripensas preni sur min novan ŝatokupon...

It pains me how Heathcliff is the funnier comic but Garfield is the meme character. Don't get me wrong, I love Garfield with all my heart, I'm a longtime member of the new wave of Garfield fanbase, but all his interesting traits come from the fanbase who correctly decided to discard the cubicle humour official comics beyond the particularly surreal or charming ones and focused on projecting quirky attributes onto the (otherwise mostly underdeveloped) character. (We can see similar phenomena for various similar characters like Hatsune Miku and Dilbert.)
Heathcliff, on the other hand, is surprisingly enjoyable for a newspaper comic that lasted into the modern age because it's not going for anything other than pithy silliness. No author soapboxes, no forced relatability, no so-bad-it's-good, no trite cultural artefacts to cling onto. Just a cat and his surreal shenanigans without much depth to incise. Perhaps that's precisely why he won't ever receive this treatment of half sincere, half ironic reconstruction — it's cheap porcelain with no cracks to fill with golden enamel.

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I'm a huge fan of the film Morbius despite not having seen it and I was shocked to find out on its Wikipedia article [spoilers ahead] that it's actually about a vampire who's literally named Morbius?! What the heck, who comes up with this?
I thought it was like Blade Runner, The Matrix, Tron or something because I mentally associated the name with Polybius, that one arcade game urban legend.
I refuse to find out more about the film, lest I stop being a fan out of disappointment.

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Repost this image of a crow wearing sunglasses immediately

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if a cat sleeps on your lap you have to read that book you've meant to read

It's sad how the most useful add-on for Firefox Android is the one that changes the user agent to Chrome so Google won't sabotage its own UX.

Why are those music recognition apps very good at recognising most music, *except for* jazz and classical music? They will readily pick up on some obscure rock song in two seconds in a noisy pub but make me bend over backwards to prepare the ideal acoustic conditions to recognise a popular jazz musician after five attempts (if they succeed at all).

Is it possible for a lone Btrfs encompassing a whole GPT HDD to nix the partition table and take over the raw drive?

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So I decided to install Arch on the new SSD I got because my current HDD is failing. Last time I installed Arch, it had an installer (and it didn't use systemd at the time), so I figured I should skip the unnecessary live CD hassle and just bootstrap it from the running Fedora like the Gentoo stage3 tarball method.
It was 100% the right decision because this is super comfortable.

<a href="cat.jpeg" download>... :blobcatneutral:
<a href="cat.jpeg" rel="enclosure">... :blobcatjustright:

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