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A cuckoo sang The Lick outside my window this morning and I've been feeling weird since then.

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Today's pointless poll: How do you enter a newline in ?

New hobby: Browsing Wikipedia article stubs on obscure branches of fields I have no knowledge of, then attempting to divine their meanings.


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TIL you can get tail-recursion elimination in with a nifty trick:
Instead of directly calling the subroutine in tail position, you mutate the parameter array (@_) with the intended arguments, then call goto __SUB__; (or directly goto &my-routine; — note the &) at the tail.
This way, instead of pushing a new frame to the funcall stack, it'll just keep rewinding the current subroutine with updated parameters until it reaches the return statement you put in the base case of your recursion.
This is pretty similar to what Clojure's recur does under the hood. (Java doesn't have a goto but JVM bytecode does!)
I don't know if this is actually a common practice in Perl but I discovered it today and felt awestruck.

Has anyone made a hotdog stand theme for ?

Is CHICKEN the only implementation that treats keywords as first class objects?
(ie You can have plists and `apply' kwarg procedures to them.)

Pleasant smell of linden flowers fills the room to bring me the annual gift of unstoppable sneezing fits. Finally, spring truly has come.

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MNT Reform (open hardware laptop) campaign is live:

And here's the Launch Announcement:

Thanks to everyone who helped and supported us to make this happen.

reptyr is pretty nifty. I was connected to my VPS with mosh and was using weechat when I lost connection. I established another mosh connection, used reptyr to reattach weechat to the current shell and later killed the detached mosh instance.

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You, a coward: Python doesn't have a switch statement

Me, a modern-day Galileo:

My first attempt at a sock turned out rather well. I'm knitting its pair right now.

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