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This is how I would react too as a Swedish person. Ever since I left Sweden I think I may have confused people a few times when being asked how I am.

#TIL Dead-bug soldering is an acceptable method to patch a production circuit board per IPC-7721. Awww, even looking at it is painful, there must be a lot of industrial horror stories behind these photos... #electronics


The C Programming Language -- A language which combines the
flexibility and power of assembly language with the readability
of assembly language.

#Programming #Book
> The #SoftwareFoundations series is a broad introduction to the #mathematical underpinnings of #reliable #software.
> The principal novelty of the series is that every detail is one hundred percent formalized and machine-checked: the entire text of each volume, including the exercises, is literally a "proof script" for the #Coq #ProofAssistant.

This Internet Oracle question from 1996 is still a classic 🤣 #retrocomputing

The Internet Oracle has pondered your question deeply. Your question was:

> Mr, Oracle, sir,
> I've been really, really bored lately. I mean we're talking some serious boredom here. Its like I'm just tired of everything in life. Nothing excites me like it used to. What should I do?

And in response, thus spake the Oracle:

I encourage everyone to chip in on this crowd fund campaign. Louis Rossman, well-known Right to Repair lobbyist wants to get laws passed in his country USA for Right to Repair.

This will greatly benefit projects like coreboot and riscv-related projects.

Right to repair means: access to schematics, boardviews and other such info necessary for repair. Presently, hardware/logic info is highly restrictive. This law would be a huge legal precedent for future rights.

non-celebrity death 

rest easy Spencer Silver, aged 80 years, former research chemist for the minnesota mining and manufacturing company. your accidental invention of an adhesive that was easy to remove from a surface yet stayed adhesive changed the world.

though post-it notes may one day disappear, note-taking apps on smartphones will skeuomorphically keep your iconic invention alive as an icon for generations to come.

godspeed, sir.

The brain invented the helmet to protect itself

"we're looking for a fast mover, a quick starter, someone who hits the ground running, just as soon as the nine month interview process concludes."

#TIL CVE-2020-8705. Intel Boot Guard prevents any unsigned boot firmware code from executing on the CPU on boot, making it impossible to modify and reflash your UEFI/BIOS. But if you enter ACPI S3 "sleep" mode, then reflash the EEPROM, finally wakeup the computer, Boot Guard is bypassed.

I wonder if you can use a microcontroller and a multiplexer to automate this exploit. Sounds like a great way to run a modded BIOS...

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