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Any nation whose military is involved in "cyber" warfare should have its members earning their chops by doing regular attempts at hacking various other organizations within the government, and responsibly disclosing any issues. Trained hackers for the national defense AND free pentesting and improved security for various digital facets of the government. Naturally this is improved by the obvious presupposition that all software paid for and operated by the government shall be legally required to be open source.

Child spends $16K on Mom's iPad on micro-transactions in predatory games.

Apple refuses to refund the payments.

HN commenters blame the mother.

Presumably so that they don't have to reconsider their own predatory business tactics.

"Holzhammermethode" - managed to rescue data off a failing NVMe in my server with a massive hammer (it helped to cool it to allow getting the data off the drive) 😀

"We need a FOSS search engine which runs its own crawler"

In which everyone comes out to tell me about their favorite search engine which is either not FOSS or does not run its own crawler

Please do not reply to this post mentioning any search engines

@dimpase That's why they write the code in a text editor, and not draw the diagrams in a fancy GUI.
Some formats are human-readable, XML is not the best, but still better than a binary file or a DBMS backend…
Org-mode is one of the best examples here, but it's far from feature completeness.

The web without JavaScript? Perposterous! How would gmail work?

It wouldn't. You'd use IMAP and SMTP. Bonus: you have a lot more ownership over the email process with IMAP and SMTP.

@dimpase @maltimore If one update takes longer than the time separating two updates, procrastinating can be brought to a whole new level :D

Oh gosh, this is sadly so accurate


when you need to confirm you're not a robot


The code of Cthulhu:
"[...] The programmer offers up the listing to Cthulhu, their scrawney pale malnourished arms shaking with the effort of holding the giant stack of paper, encrusted with eldritch scrawlings of barely legible code. [...]"

Naming suggestion

One of my projects is a graphical interface to Maxima, which is a symbol maths tool.

It's developed using the Common Lisp Interface Manager, or CLIM for short. So, I named the tool Climaxima.

While the name is clever, it doesn't roll off the tongue in a natural way. Thus I would like to change the name, but as we all know, naming things is one of the two hard problems in computer science.

Therefore, I'm asking the experts here to suggest a good name for this tool.

Here is a video of the tool in action, so that you can see what it looks like. That may help to provide some context.

>GitHub will establish and donate $1M to a developer defense fund to help protect open source developers on GitHub from unwarranted DMCA Section 1201 takedown claims

Big shoutout to GitHub for committing to this.

The trouble users had yesterday launching apps on #macOS isn't just a technical problem, but a moral one. Operating systems should service their users, not phone home to a corporation to see if they're "permitted" to run the program. #Apple

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