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@gentoo - for how long repo rsync will be down?
# ping
ping: Temporary failure in name resolution


Oh my, someone finally went and broke the OpenPGP SKS Keyservers. Or rather, put garbage in them which in turn breaks GnuPG.

I've updated #Mailpile to cope, details and discussion are here:

Every time someone says "Install this <Video App> for the MeetUp", I die a bit inside.

One can think it's dumb. I think that's a lazy knee jerk reaction just to protect ones own feeling that "something is wrong".

One can think developers *ought* not to put their ethics into software. I think that's called paid proprietary software. But I believe FLOSS is all about ethics, and doesn't get to drawn an arbitrary line.

One can claim "slippery slope" with the "poor white ethnostate advocates". I would ask, what's the slope *below* that, "poor child rapist white ethnostate adv"? Ew

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So seriously -- before someone complains about #Tusky again because it "just feels wrong" -- that moment of emotion, that gut feeling of getting flustered and passionate because it just feels "wrong" is and always has been my sign to myself that I need to step back and really check myself. My best personal growth both logically and emotionally has usually ensued by channeling that passion into learning and listening instead of writing and talking.

I hope others do the same.

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And look - I get I come across as passionate and loud. It's because of all the engineering I've done -- studying nuclear engineering, defense contracting for the US government, NIST models for natural disasters, working at big G -- it's only in the Computer Software Engineering field where I've seen the privileged/ignorant mindset of "let tech take its course without injecting our humanity" run rampant. It's a plague.

Ex: Fission power & fission bombs: same tech. Ethics makes the difference.

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Just finished configuring Firefox and Chromium for my disposable VM's in Qubes OS.

It's a lot of work to create a baseline browser configuration that is reasonably private. Even Firefox defaults to share usage information.

So I have decided to start my personal Nix FAQ, with questions I ask to myself, and to which I often don't have the answer. Please do not hesitate to provide them 🙂

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took trouble to cancel my Dutch EP voting ballot to vote for LibDems in UK.


Right, you know the drill today. It’s a lovely night. Get down your polling station and vote. It takes 30 seconds and at least you can say you did your bit, and you’ve got until 10:00pm. #EuElection2019


reading: The Internet Security Apocalypse You Probably Missed 

@sarahjeong: "The takeaway here is that we have to start thinking about privacy as a collective, environmental problem, not something that hits individual people, and certainly not something where the onus is on the individual to protect themselves." —

i love the way she uses the phrase "environmental problem". like that *other* global environmental problem we're currently facing…

I want to start local meetings about . I'm pretty sure people will join me; even if just one person, it would already be a reason to start this.

However, to make it sound more "official" I would like to register myself (hopefully at the beginning!) as or as local group, but I don't really get the difference between them...

Also, I clicked on a twitter link today and was honestly shocked by how vile and angry people are over there. Even the worst edgelords on here seem tame compared to that.

My present Recaptcha policy:

Request audio.

Respond "Fuck you Google"

Repeat until access granted, or the joy fades.

Bonus: All audio AI parsing tends to "Fuck you Google".

Afraid to flash? Mail-us your phone!
And getting closer to 100 supported smartphones.
Latest updates about /e/, the privacy-centric mobile ecosystem are available at:
#mydataisMYdata #android #privacy #opensource

sub, "deserve" 

no, *artists* do not "deserve" to be paid.

*humans* deserve to not have to scrabble around desperately trying to scrape together the basic means of survival.

*everyone* should be able to access a level of basic comfort that enables them to create as fully as they can.

and *nobody* should be coerced into, or out of, *any* activity, whether by manipulation, force or economic desperation (unless that activity is in itself coercive).

after all, it's not like being an artist makes one intrinsically superior to other humans.


I was about to move the family emails from Google Apps to Protonmail.

That's before I discovered that it'll cost me 300 € per year.

Are there any alternatives that provides the same service, with reasonable privacy?

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