Do you think will be comming out one of this years? Will it be a linux kernel killer?


That would be nice, but I don't think so. If the Hurd ever reaches a state of work where it has essential drivers, then surely a lot of people will pick it up and try it as their day-to-day driver (I know I will!).

In terms of webservers, supercomputers and corporate computing, Linux will probably be the king for a long time, but the Hurd is still something fun for us to try out!

@MutoShack according to Tanenbaum monolithic kernel sucks.

I want to try with hurd.


Monolithic kernels vs microkernels is a debate that is still going on today (I think). They both have pros and cons, which make them good for different use cases (although, I personally agree with this Tanenbaum person 😉).

GuixSD on the Hurd has slow development but I'm extremely excited, as it'll be our first fully GNU distribution!

@veer66 @MutoShack Really don't know, on Guix SD page says that it can be run on any GNU/Linux distro and nothing about Minix or BSD


I've never tried RedoxOS so I couldn't say if it's more stable or not, and I've only ever run Guix on Linux or Linux-libre systems but it would be interesting to see a working copy of Guix on Minix3 or a BSD!

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