Built a split keyboard, but one column of keys doesn't work. :( I haven't debugged hardware like this before. Pretty challenging.

@chexxor I'm intrigued! What did you use as the starting point (kit/resource?)

Debugging input device problems is "fun". I start from both ends: does the embedded controller see anything? What does your Multi-Meter tell you about those switches? But it's probably a bad or backwards diode.

@tfb Late reply! I built a kit from It was lots of fun! I used a solder sucker to de-solder all connections on the microcontroller (pro micro) and then re-soldered them all, and the column of keys started to work again. Must have used too much solder the first time and crossed a connection!

@chexxor Ah, too bad it was Their stuff looks fine, but I'm in the lookout for a normal, ISO, split keyboard 😉

@tfb Interesting, I've never thought about ISO when looking at PCBs/cases. That big enter button would certainly be a problem. I wonder why you're adamant about that layout... I built the 40% keyboard and it's quite fun to get used to a new layout like that.

@chexxor I touch type on a French PC layout, and know from experience that I can't change back and forth between two layouts without disastrous effects on my typing speed (I could up to the age of 30). ANSI keyboards are just missing keys, and 60% ones don't work for me at all.

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