I wonder if automata is an equivalent and more simple way to solve problems that people are using FRP for...

Implementing "Game of Life" sounds like it would be enlightening.

When I implemented Pong, I got pretty lost when figuring out how to keep states of the paddles and ball "encapsulated" from the program. I ended up just using one big state thing, which was easy, but surely wouldn't scale to bigger programs, so I was disappointed.

@suppi Ooooh, interesting -- an existentially quantified state and a state stack. It's quite dense other than that, but it looks like what I need! Thanks!
What was the inspiration for this design? All invented by yourself?

@chexxor pretty much! I kinda combined some previous experience i had building games in other languages and wanted to merge these ideas with pfp. I also prototyped some of the stuff in purescript before that and they seemed to work.

Also, today I gave a talk at a local con about exactly this. the video will be available in a few weeks but in the meanwhile you can look at the slides:

@suppi Nice slides! I look forward to seeing the recording! I'll come back to review your code again later.

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