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An Experimental Evaluation of the Assumption of Independence in Multi-Version Programming, by John Knight and Nancy Leveson sunnyday.mit.edu/papers/nver-t

If you take bunch of programs written independently, are you more likely to reduce bugs by taking the most common output?

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Short video by Adam Luxton about Dane Mitchell: "Post Hoc - Former nations, extinct species, dead languages, discontinued software…multidisciplinarian Dane Mitchell pays homage to the paraphernalia of the past at this year’s Venice Biennale"


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The next time someone tries to use mathematical induction around you, just admonish them for making a slippery slope argument and move on

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i wrote about my experiences with representing comparisons in my edsl through typeclasses empty.town/blog/posts/2019-05-

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These diagrams show the paths traced by Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn as seen from Earth.
Source : Fermat’s Library

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Every time I see the Hacker Ethic praised without critically challenging its shortcomings, I have to think of "Programming is Forgetting: Toward a New Hacker Ethic" by Allison Parrish and wish it was more popular. You can read the transcript here opentranscripts.org/transcript

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TIL: #bash provides pseudo devices for TCP and UDP connections:

echo "hello" > /dev/udp/


exec 5<>/dev/tcp/www.google.com/80
echo -e "GET / HTTP/1.0\n" >&5
cat <&5

I'm baffled how I've never discovered that until today.

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So this is exciting to me:


Also this:


Host your own website. Do fun stuff and control it all!

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This is awesome. Just learned that #CreativeCommons has launched a search engine for free content in the public domain and under Creative Commons licenses : search.creativecommons.org

#CC #freeculture #publicdomain

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Yogācāra Triptych 3

“The external non-existence of what appears in the way it appears”

acrylic and vanilla extract on wood panel, 16" x 20"

Yogācāra Triptych 2

“The dependence on flowing conditions”

alabaster, 3" x 2.5" x 2.5"

Yogācāra Triptych 1

“The imagination of the unreal”

acrylic, aluminum mesh, and papier-mâché on canvas board, 12" x 14"

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Though I will never take a notes with anything except paper and pencil, this is a great LaTeX figure tutorial, and now I'm playing with Inkscape


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