I've succesfully published my first test site to #IPFS :D
It's available both on IPFS at /ipns/testsite.foksipfs.cf and over a private web proxy at testsite.foksipfs.cf/
I'll be making an automated workflow for this soon(tm)



Has name resolution worked consistently for you? I tried it out a while back and it was slow and timed out so much that I abandoned it, temporarily. I was using , too.

On the other hand has been working well. I've used it to resurrect some of my old archived websites and I plan to move my main website there.

@bwbush it worked fine for me, not super fast but it worked.
Also I forgot Freenom wants you to host a working website on the domain root of your free domain or they'll cancell it, so rip foksipfs.cf lol, the test succeeded anyways


Thanks for the info! I'll give another try soon.

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