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What kind of NixOS tutorials do you miss?

What the fuck. It only happens when I enable lastpass

I have an issue that no pages load in Firefox. It just is forever 'loading' but no network requests happen. Any clue?

Just a reminder that if you have an questions about or , just toot me

Literally getting promoted Nazi propaganda on Twitter . So back to mastodon it is.

And again. this is a mutable part of NixOS and of course I found a bug within 1 minute of further inspection :D

Just realised that just
sudo nixos-rebuild boot
sudo systemctl kexec

is enough because depends on kexec-prepare.service

Undocumented tip of the day:
NixOS comes with a oneshot unit file that prepares kexec to boot your next configuration, allowing for very quick reboot-then-upgrades

sudo nixos-rebuild boot
sudo systemctl start prepare-kexec
sudo systemctl kexec

This is very useful on server hardware, where reboots can take minutes

That's still better than Ubuntu where everything is broken. But having such a great Nix package manager gives me too high expectations for the OS management part which is inherently not functional but eventually consistent

And I broke shit in again.

Everything that is a bit unpure (systemd units, network, nss modules) is also pretty broken it seems

I'll be doing another live coding session soon. What language extension do you want to see me struggle with this time?

Is there a mirroring service where I can follow my twitter timeline on mastadon? Like a twitter -activitypub proxy?

I'm getting more likes on my mastadon toots than my twitter tweets and I have over a thousand followers there... You are a lot more ... Interactive and human!

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