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This year's Utrecht Summer School on functional programming will run from 27-31 August. Check out the schedule, registration details, and further information on

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I don't want gel for in my toilet. I want bleach so that I can disinfect my doorknobs

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Where in Germany do you buy *normal* cleaning products? Not all this bullshit branded shit?

I need Bleach and Green Soap and Soda but 5 super markets later still haven't found it...

I've spent the last few months finishing off my thesis, which should almost be done now. Getting feedback this afternoon

Feeling a bit bsd-curious... Linux is getting on my fucking nerves

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During the last 24h I have started working on a Thingiverse backup that will reside within ipfs... It is not pretty and barely complete.. Just about 10k "Thinks" are being scraped right now but I am getting there.

Only one box at my home is currently seeding all the data so it is kinda slow.

What kind of NixOS tutorials do you miss?

What the fuck. It only happens when I enable lastpass

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I have an issue that no pages load in Firefox. It just is forever 'loading' but no network requests happen. Any clue?

Just a reminder that if you have an questions about or , just toot me

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