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The new design of the #NixOS website is online! It is made by a professional designer and implemented by the NixOS marketing team. The landingpage is ready, the other pages will be redesigned in the next days.

You can follow the progress here:

Can you reply to this toot with interesting people to follow? Danke!


Thank you all for using content warnings over here. I got scared away from twitter and I feel a lot more comfortable here so far. Will do more toots

I don't want gel for in my toilet. I want bleach so that I can disinfect my doorknobs

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Where in Germany do you buy *normal* cleaning products? Not all this bullshit branded shit?

I need Bleach and Green Soap and Soda but 5 super markets later still haven't found it...

I've spent the last few months finishing off my thesis, which should almost be done now. Getting feedback this afternoon

Feeling a bit bsd-curious... Linux is getting on my fucking nerves

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