Does anybody know if there's any modern disc burning software I can point at a very large pile of files and have it split them into either ISOs or burn them onto a series of discs?

@coryw @calvin K3B?

Back in the day, I did it (semi)manually: prepared few dirs of symlinks to be fed into mkisofs/mkhybrid, balanced them in size and grouped by relevance, then wodim/cdrecord in a shell loop.
I also tried to employ `dump` to be stored on an RW… but couldn't `restore` it later… so this is not an advice.

Anyway, optical discs are pretty expensive nowadays… (maybe only in my area, IDK), and I presume not any more reliable than earlier; so this whole idea seems impractical to me.

@amiloradovsky @calvin

also occurs to me I should have mentioned Windows up front.


@coryw @calvin Oh, I bet has plenty of tools for various purposes (, , etc., etc.); but I'm not really any competent at those.

OTOH, I'd still recommend an external (or an enclosure for internal) for the cold storage, instead of 's — not least because it is "future-proof".

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