Okay, hypothetically, if somebody was looking for a name for a Free Software project that focuses on Web censorship circumvention, using multiple configurable non-standard in-browser delivery mechanisms, what would a good name be?

Asking for a friend.

Oh, is this related to my session at MozFest in 3 weeks, you ask?

Yes. Yes it is.

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@sillystring I like the idea of using mythology as the source of names here! However, this project is not about confidentiality -- it's about putting information out there. So more like Hermes (trickster *and* messenger!), if Hermes was not so overused already...


Picking a name is one of the most fun parts of a new project! Good luck. 😄

@sillystring you know what they say, the two hardest things in IT are:
- naming things
- cache invalidation
- off-by-one errors

I thought it was:

- naming cache
- thinvalidationgs
- off-by-thread syncone errorsronization




@vertigo @rysiek @sillystring

-----BEGIN QUOTE-----
OH: "take me down to concurrency city where green pretty is grass the girls the and are" -
-----END QUOTE-----


@amiloradovsky @vertigo @sillystring since the project is in fact mainly in JS, this quote is painfully on topic.

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