Bonjour ! Je tente ma chance ici avec #JeChercheUnJob

Je cherche un poste en tant que chargée de communication avec comme bagages :
- Logiciels de graphisme GIMP et Inkscape
- Suite LibreOffice
- Bonnes connaissances des médias sociaux
- Qualités rédactionnelles
- Bonnes connaissances des logiciels libres (et je travaille sous Linux)
- Anglais parlé, lu, écrit

Je cherche :
- Temps plein ou temps partiel
- Télétravail ou mobile dans toute la France (excepté Paris)

My home office is the coldest room in the house. I should spin-up a couple of servers to warm it up.

Anyone want to rent a vm on one of my space heaters? :D

#OpenBSD #vmd

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Another kernel written in Rust!

Rust tooling/docs must be making operating system development more accessible, as there is an impressive number of these projects.

@shaderphantom nobody looks at history! Software development now is what factory machinist work was once. You were special, you were desirable, you were highly-paid and part of a sort-of middle class technical elite. Now, it's not so.

The powers as they are are attempting to turn software workers onto the same track and software people do literally nothing to stop it!

Can I use as or , i.e. start a server to hold all the buffers and sessions, then connect to it as needed?
I know about `server-start`, `emacs --daemon`, `new-frame`, and `emacsclient`, but it's not quite what I want. — How do I connect to the server running in the background?

@MartinShadok Yup, also when you use
Context {p : Type}.
It will actually pit p into those spots where a parameter named p cannot be inferred. At least as far as I can tell.

Is there a "shader language" but for sound? Alongside maybe?

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