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Never demand explanation.
Never demand understanding.


Imagine spending several hours looking everywhere, just because somebody decided to save couple characters.


I'm 42, married with one child. I'm doing a PhD in soil microbiology at Melbourne Uni. Trying to teach myself something about linux shell for the purposes of bioinformatics (using QIIME 2) at the moment.

Interested in environmentalism and politics.

I like the idea of an open source alternative to twitter.

Computational Materials:
Sensing vibration and conveying that information wirelessly without batteries

tech tip 

If you're forwarding ports via (`-NL` or `-NR`), add a dedicated user with `nologin` shell for that. It costs nothing but reduces the risks.

Giving way more attention to the things I despise than the things I'm happy about is a common fallacy which apparently I'm susceptible to as well.

Now for the good news.

gru-based Chromebook like the Samsung Chromebook Plus v1 use a card called the 88W8997P-NKW2, it is from Marvell. Documents found in the Rockchip leak may be useful as a reference. This is evident from teardowns posted on the FCCs website.

Confidential documentation for this card was posted on the Nvidia Developer Forums. Here it is:

I am offering $500 (US) to anyone who writes a fully free (libre), cleanroomed Linux driver for this card.

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I finally tried DeltaChat, and I love it! It's WAAY better than I thought, it makes E2EE chat over e-mail SOO fun and interesting. The mobile apps are native and modern, FOSS quality 100%. It's been only 10 minutes since I installed it, and I have only talked with my dad, but so far the experience has been great.

Thanks, @delta, for this amazing concept! I thought it was garbage, but I was totally wrong.

This will definitely go to my "Free software worth checking out" series on my #Gemini gemlog. gemini://


Integrate your desire to work with toys into your cabin plans.

Maybe you've heard of

Build a basic workshop, and use that to make the things that you need. :D

Including the buildings :)

@cypnk is their project aimed at building designs.

All of the designs at this website are compliant with the USA building codes. :)

IPFS is 6 years old and major browsers still refusing to support it.

Imagine if the WWW was six years old (1997) and all the major browsers were like

> nah, just gonna continue supporting FTP and gopher, not this newfangled WWW thing

> but hey, we did, in collaboration with AOL, implement special support for their dialup site in our browser




Wrappers are supposed to save time, but in fact only waste it.
If you are up to writing a wrapper, think again.
If you still insist, make just one (1) wrapper, not a stack of them. And also don't make the wrapper a binary. Also e.g. Systemd unit is already a wrapper, don't put anything between it and the actual executable.

If actual laws and regulations may be put behind paywalls then mere standards are fair game too.
IEEE is from New York. You have to take into consideration the country you're dealing with here ;-)

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