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Prior to agreement on the methods the subject matter is just irrelevant.

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PSA: I'm not a "conservative". Don't reach to me for your validation.

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Never demand explanation.
Never demand understanding.


not having a particularly strong will to live and not letting oneself fall victim of a simple swarm intelligence are still compatible attitudes

Temporal State Machines: Using temporal memory to stitch time-based graph computations
Advait Madhavan, Matthew Daniels, Mark Stiles

You may have noticed some sites that immediately redirect you to another page or site if you have JS disabled, prompting you to enable it

This is done with a <meta> refresh inside <noscript>

This #DarkPattern can be circumvented in uMatrix by turning off "Spoof <noscript> tags"

re: */Linux 

I can make sense of anything but this stuff is just so much over-complicated and I wonder if I ever should, given all this knowledge & skills are going to become obsolete for no good reason sooner than strictly necessary.

Especially the virtual networking, ranging from virtual switches/bridges to virtual IP networks, and DNS on top of that. What theoretically should be simple, explodes into an incomprehensible mess.

On the other hand, I'm glad I don't have to deal with the proprietary services from Big Brands. A luxury not many computer people can afford it seems.

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Don't you love systemd-networkd and systemd-resolved?
Me, I don't even understand what the options in /etc/resolv.conf other than nameserver specify, not to mention NSS.

And Guix? Evolution Data Server seems to essentially depend on Systemd and DBus, this means I can't have CardDAV (address book) and CalDAV (events & tasks) in it and at all.

Our lives revolve around sleep. You spend half your life sleeping, want a nice house for a place to sleep, nice pj's, and literally will go insane if you do not sleep, but people who need more sleep or enjoy sleep are considered lazy.

@shmibs my quick searching of the reasons for journals and one of them listed was "it is very good for your career to publish in journals and can be the key to career advancement" which has ominous mafia undertones

"Fine! Quit then! We don't need you! there's a million other people out there just like you who can do the same job just as well!" says the fast-food chain hiring manager, not having read the memo from corporate yet

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the national labor shortage whips ass actually. its insanely good that companies cant find people willing to work shit jobs for minimum wage anymore

#TIL When a Class 2 ceramic capacitor is heated above its Curie temperature (130 °C), the crystal structure changes. Soldering the cap causes a sudden increase of capacitance beyond spec (so don't attempt to hand-matching ceramic caps!), followed by a logarithmic decline (aging). This is reversible, resoldering the cap or baking the board can "reset" an aged cap back to the initial state.

"Referee time" is the time for a cap's capacitance to decline back to its standard spec value (X7R cap ages slowly, referee time is 1,000 h., X5R is only 48 h.). A DC bias not just reduces the effective capacitance, but further accelerates aging in a nonlinear way.

As usual, Class 1 NP0/C0G capacitors are not affected by these effects. #electronics


Is there such a thing as group impersonation?

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