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I didn’t realise till now what the French for dry ice is la neige carbonique. That’s quite delightful

It doesn't actually take very much math to overflow me.



Is anyone available for some remote part-time work (sysadmin)

A relative of mine is running a small company and needs someone to help them do some work managing a few cloud instances (setting up VM's, installing software), as well as managing their Office 365 service.

The amount of work is a few hours per week, but they want the person to be able to answer quickly (within a few hours) within work hours (Singapore time, UTC+8).

If anyone is interested, please let me know and I'll forward the contact information.

Let you have the choice, of what you'll be busy with next few months or more, between

  • something you're already reasonably good at, but more advanced, utilizing more of the skills you already have

  • something you aren't very good at yet, but which looks overall interesting and you may learn a lot in the process

You choose:

Habe AsteroidOS auf meine LG Urbane w150 aufgespielt. Sieht wundervoll aus. :mastowink:


It is proven!

Android apps can be built using only standard packages from Debian Buster!

"This project helps to document the Android tools in Debian by providing an example build, and can serve as a base template for new projects for those who would like to develop Android apps using only truly Free and Open Source software."

The #GNU #Guix package graph is now rooted in a further reduced set of binary seeds, at about 60 MiB it weighs 25% of what it used to

How #bootstrappable is your distro?

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