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@amiloradovsky @sir Ah, wait no. F* is like C, Low* is assembly. Easy to confuse.

do you understand? it was never technology that made humane relations possible. it was you and i, and our commitment to each other.

notes for myself 

from a paper on the arxiv:

"Kurt Godel's incompleteness theorems are clearly the most significant results in the history of mathematics (fight me)."

Raft Rant 

another bilingual IT joke 

"This is so obvious that I need to check my notes" -- MIT lecturer

very insider multilingual pun 

Since today there exists a pure Rust GStreamer decoder plugin for Vorbis, using the lewton Vorbis decoder crate.

This should be more or less feature-equivalent with the C, libvorbis-based, decoder plugin from gst-plugins-base.


Also, there is quite a lot of things to upgrade and synchronize.

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