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Andrew Miloradovsky

Pause and rest your eyes for a moment.

Maybe I just wanted to say that , as the basis for the most advanced PLs, is not the ultimate and perfect logic for that purpose, and also has some drawbacks, even compared to the classical one. Maybe over time e.g. the logic will take it's place. — Wish I were more competent in this matter…


"Eff is a functional language with handlers of not only exceptions, but also of other computational effects such as state or I/O. With handlers, you can simply implement transactions, redirections, backtracking, multi-threading, and much more…"

And so their employees naturally don't take any pride in their work, because their employer won't give them a raise for doing a better job because their employer doesn't WANT them to do a better job, because then they wouldn't be interchangeable any more.

The Enigma TNG is one of my favorite artists (if anyone cares).
Found on YouTube and other places.

Well, there indeed is a full solution (bummer) for 2.8, but I wouldn't find it myself any time soon — had to search for it explicitly (not just the problem description, but mention the game itself), and moreover watch a video… I'm stupid, I know. Yet, I still have to figure out the proof. Embarrassed.

@hugoestr @loke

e.g. 2.8 apparently implies that it is possible to construct the the second point for the tangent with just 2 (two!) elementary moves… Really?!

There may be a way to disprove such a possibility, involving the groups… Maybe I should instead try to do that…

status: miss 3 E stars to unlock gamma (alpha 7, beta 2 and 8). — Am very suspicious.

boost to pet
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Electroconvulsive therapy ()

Isn't entertainment a (less invasive) form of that kind of treatment?

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Shoutout to MAV (Hungary's railways thingy) because their sites work without JavaScript.

Sure there is a vast amount of details to take care of, but if there is enough interest/demand, I guess, it should not be that difficult to implement.
Or maybe is already implemented in some form — meed to do some research.

Where the "linear" blocks are basically a Gantt charts; and (re)factoring of the plan/project into a comprehensible pieces is basically the "work breakdown".
Where the "predicates" are associated with a probability distributions. And the conditionals are used to combine the costs of each branch, together with the chances.
And recursion, a type-system, and all sorts of advanced PL things are present and have a meaningful interpretation in the context of management, and are all useful.

An idea: given how fairly basic a typical time-management tools are (+, at best), how about a formal language, akin to a programming one, but for time and costs estimation?

Where the plan/project is described just as a program for a highly parallel computing system, but the execution units are the employees and contractors; and is translated into a detailed estimation of time and costs for each phase.