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@juliobiason is actually a painkiller, although it kills not literally a pain, but the tiredness.

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"As long as support is not widespread, most web developers avoid using that is not -compatible, so advantages of such as namespaces, faster parsing and smaller-footprint browsers do not benefit the user."

Should exclaim "late-stage capitalism", maybe?

Is this true that everything that's possible with is also possible with -FO (+)? — Much more verbose but also much less awkward.

Functional programming starter pack

@amiloradovsky same for me. For software documentation I tend to read enough linearly until I get an idea of the basic concepts. Then I start with a minimal base and play around from there.

I generally try to build some incarnation of the end goal I want to achieve, and then look up the relevant parts in the documentation that I need for each given part of the problem.

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@saper I'll happily provide the LaTeX sources along with the PDF. If they want .doc, they aren't people I'm willing to work with, no matter how serious or professional they may otherwise be.

I understand why they may want .docs, but it also tells me that we are fundamentally, and incompatibly different, and as such, shouldn't waste each others time.

(Been there, done that, tried to work with one such agent - don't want to ever again.)

Once in a while the Palmer webcam zooms way in on some chunk of the antarctic landscape. This one's particularly nice.

TIL There’s a robot that can take your plant into the sunlight or back to shade as needed. It can also do a dance when it’s time to water the plant and even play with you

How very #Cyberpunk

The Unleashed Operating System

(submitted by colinprince)

"As of 2016, the average website data transfer was 2.3MB"

Remember to use gopher, it is good for the environment too!

#green #gopher

Liberapay is in trouble, here's our blog post that explains the situation and what you should do if you're one of our 2000 active users:

@minoru @newt OK. Thank you for your time and enthusiasm.
Automatic & parallel GC is known to be a difficult topic, I hope the rails of linear logic may bring some simplicity and/or certainty into it. If only I could understand it better.

just when i thought update notes couldn't get any worse...

The main obstacle for having a in a high-level language is an efficient : no — no problem…

But 's (linear) type-system, and how they managed to get much of the benefits of GC without actually having one, is still a mystery for me.
The sounds easy and obvious, but something is missing: can't be that simple…

P.S. ++11 also kind-of supports it, AFAIK, but that is not the best illustration anyways.