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I’m obviously not an EE — but I was stunned to learn that consumer power drills use a reasonably powerful ARM microprocessor to activate the coils and drive the drill motor.

Right now we’re relying on friction from software diversity to keep our society functioning. But in practice, the first people to get really serious about automatic vulnerability finding are going to own the equivalent of a nuclear arsenal.

The term "Procrastinator" triggers me.

I prefer the term "JIT Person", thank you.

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“A VC offers you a contract: he gives you money to accelerate a proven business model … we understood that we weren’t really a startup. We don’t really share any of their characterizing traits. In fact, we are more likely a “stay-up”, to steal a term from Aral Balkan, i.e. a sustainable business with no exit deadline.”


Here’s to more stayups in Europe. We don’t have to blindly follow the toxic Silicon Valley model of VC & exits that gave us #SurveillanceCapitalism


Fediverse replies about the content of my post: n

Fediverse replies about UBI and universal healthcare: n²

@amiloradovsky I can see it. A burning plane with a fat trail of smoke losing height at a rapid speed.

Don't worry, we're just "Shutting down"! 🤣

@juliobiason If a person cannot say anything bad about some language/framework etc, then they simply haven't used it enough.

After a while, everybody finds some specific things that could be improved. I'm a huge fan of Common Lisp, but I could write a long list of all the things that could be improved.

Nothing signals more clearly the utter despair in the society than popularity of lotteries.

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-O0 is the default, but -g isn't

this makes no sense

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