When I update my packages in #emacs it tells me I have some 30 something packages I don't need and suggest that I auto remove them.

Doing so results in removing packages that are in use - I think it actually removes ALL the packages. Does someone know how the autoremove work and why it might not in my case?


are you referring to apt ?

If not, which package management tool are you using ?

@abbienormal nope. This is in #emacs which comes with its own packages and its own auto-remove (suggestion) tool.


I see

I use straight foe Emacs so I don't experence that



I have several Emacs packages installed !

It's just that all of them are installed through Straight

I don't know if I'm a purist

I find Straght very convenient so what's the point in messing things up ?

@abbienormal ohhhh I never heard of Straight, I thought you were saying "I use straight Emacs" as in clean Emacs haha. Oops

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