It's so crazy that people can still be allergic to bread. I don't know how allergies work, but like, as soon as homo sapiens stood on two legs, they made bread. You'd *think* our bodies would know what the heck bread is!

Had this dream where Lego had a special event where they brought back *every set* of . Just filled an entire store with Bionicle sets!

I feel guilty for how much money I spent, even if it was just a dream.

Me: *Makes an alt for sadposting*

*Never posts to main again*

I miiiiight change my avatar to something other than Yoshi, but I've been saying that for ages now.

Personal programming 

Working more on , the plaintext blog generator that's "Slightly less broken every day! (tm)"

You can specify a line number that contains a date (like "January 2, 2026"). In my files it's always line #1, and the Atom feed generator will use it. A bit more robust than scanning the metadata!

More updates to come. The git repo for txtblog isn't actually the most up to date version. I just fix it *sometimes*. Most of the time I'm working on it directly from my SDF repo (which I only recently turned into a Git repository):

Again, the reference site for the generator is at:

This is only because the last drive I ordered didn't fit inside my PC. That was back in, like, September.

*THIS* time it's an external, so I can have a folder for each of my computers. It's not the best but I'm pretty broke and I still want to have a *bit* of a robust backup plan.

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Ordered a 2TB hard drive. Going to select files to backup via (don't want to copy my whole computer because video games can be re-downloaded).

It'll be good to have an external backup that isn't, like, 5 USB sticks.

Yes I know I've been saying I should get around to this for ages. I'm slow. shuddup.

Alright, over the weekend I illustrated this video. It was kind of fun to make!

(technically , albeit low effort)

Gonna upload something very cool that I've been working on to @RavingKain's YouTube channel tomorrow!

Yes sir definitely not a 15-minute long illustrated podcast making fun of Adam Sandler movies, no sir haha... Hah... Huh.

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So I didn't know is being rebuilt and rebranded to

That's nuts! Gee that's nuts. I hope it turns out. Maybe I should lend a hand, not that I know PHP.

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Am I a total weirdo for thinking that telephone poles and power lines are visually interesting?

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Hey, hey, hey!

It's a ✨self-care✨ day!

Can someone who prefers over please explain to me why you prefer Matrix?

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Pictured: the #Guile picture language in #Jupyter, via #Guix-Jupyter.

It might be just a red circle for you but it's a lot of fun for me. :-)

This old laptop is ~too light and thin~ for VGA screw holes.

I mean I'm glad it supports VGA, but it's about as snug as a... I'm usually better at analogies...

It's about as snug as a small thing in a big hole. Like, not at all. It falls out all the time.

I love how online stores have "share this purchase!"

Like, imagine receiving an email from a friend that just says "I have just purchased X from the online retailer! Wowee!"

I mean, Pass *is* usable, I'm just really bad at using it.

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