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is there a resource like "Haskell for schemers" ?

I'd need to learn at least some #Haskell in order to read Oleg Ksyelov's paper 😕

Boosts appreciated

Oh yeah I can just convert the generated html back to sxml. Nevermind this is just fine!

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Now is just the matter of converting all my documents to


Past me did not make this easy.

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Does anyone want a used Ikea desk and lives in/can get to the Ottawa (Ontario, Canada) area to haul it away?

Includes two levels of shelving and slide-out surfaces.

It served me well for many years and I'd hate for it to go to landfill.

Sometimes I wish I could say "Wow you could not be more wrong about that."

But like, I don't have the patience for a pointless week long argument.

That's what friends are good for. You get to vent to each other about the rest of the world.

On the bottom of my mouse there's a US patent number, and searching for it brings me to this lil guy

It took all day, but it functions just fine.

It's hacky, and not-so-intuitive, but I'm happy with how smoothly it's going (considering who's writing it)

Ah yes, Abe Lincoln just hanging out with his babes on my timeline.

So far so good. The recursive SXML->XML functionality is working the way I want it!

Next up, the blog index, followed by, dare I say it... Interface programming *shivers*

(name subject to change)

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I'm grateful to see that PHP 5 is being relegated to the dustbin, and that we're making some headway on fixing the issues of PHP.

I'm not a PHP developer in the slightest, but I do like it when things start trending upward.

I love this keyboard, but... *No-one* thought to put a key between CTRL and ALT? No-one?

Like, the guy making the design for the plastic mold was like "Yep, that big indent looks correct"

Guile, complaining 


#| |#

Not #| #| like I wrote. I never get it right the first time in C, either. It's always */*/

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Trying to find stuff in the manual and discovered that Guile has block comment support.

(+ 2
#| This is a
multiline comment #|

I'll likely never use it, but it's cool.

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Cleaned up the top of my server rack. Now I got more space for a total of 6 machines

Maybe it's Guile 3.0, but it looks like Haunt can't parse Skribe documents anymore.

It's okay, I'll fix everything later. It should be fine.

I like how Robin is supposed to be 8, but they got 21 year old Burt Ward to play the role the 1966 Batman movie. I mean that's still young, but come on.

On the topic, my favourite scene is when Batman doesn't let Robin into the bar (cause he's 8), but when Batman goes in alone, he drinks milk. There's something awesome about that.

When you're done chatting with someone online:

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