Even though I specified an output port, everything wants to go to stdout. I'm just venting to take a break for a moment.

Can the 'ftp' command be used in a script? I only ever use the interactive shell, but I want to automate things a bit more.

Skimming through the manpage, it looks like it's interactive-only.

The protocol is okay.

I mean it's stupid, but I won't deny that making thumbnails in is fun, and OpenGraph gives me an excuse to do that.

This image pretty much sums up my understanding of America's current political situation.

Gross, TV, Opinion. 

In my house, it's not totally uncommon to have those "Everyone's too busy crying or screaming to think clearly" days, and I thought today was one of those days, but actually I'm pretty sure they're just throwing a party.

Because they're extroverts, and apparently they need to party during quarantine. I'm still not going downstairs.

A decade, maybe a decade and a half ago, I was picking out a birthday card, and there was one that said "Why do old men wear black socks?"

I made the biggest mistake of my life that day: I didn't open it.

Why? Why *do* old men wear black socks, card?

It haunts me to this day.

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@MutoShack resets the viewport width so that it matches the window width and the zoom isn't all weird. Just add <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width">. More here - developer.mozilla.org/en-US/do

I don't do phones, so I need a phone person.

What's the proper way to make a website bearable on a vertical phone?

Default text on my phone browser is microscopic, and I end up literally re-defining everything in CSS just so these dumb ol' phone people will be happy.

If I, for example, set all my fonts to:
it works and is viewable, but on a desktop browser it is unzoomable, which is bad, bad, bad.

"Man, I just *can't wait* for Thanksgiving!"

And so they didn't, and Canadian Thanksgiving was born.

What's with this about "abolish the 80-column rule and write all your text in one line, allowing the machine to auto-wrap"?

I hear it once in a blue moon, and I can understand it for like, mobile phones, but this is a meme, right?

I remember on , it wasn't uncommon for people to put "FOLLOWS YOU" on the top of their bio, in an attempt to draw in unconscious/ instinctive follow"back"s.

Man that place was gross.

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Working to revive my blog

I wrote the last post in february 2019

I used Fossil instead of git because I wanted to be cool so now I only have a very old version of it

Also, the markdown parser has been left broken by its author so the posts I wrote in markdown didn't work anymore

I should have used the markdown parser of back then

I rewrote them in sxml

Then there are 2 pages missing

I took them fron the on line version, I parsed the xml and got an sxml version

Hoooboy. Okay I finally cleaned up and now the "next/prev" buttons work *properly*, as does the description file.

We all know that, if you're going to make changes to your program, change one thing, then run, then change one thing, then run.

Today is one of the days I did not do that, and now I need to track down the problem.

At least it passes the time!

I mean you *could* write readable code with intuitive keywords, or just do what I do and slap 'cond' everywhere.

update. Thumbnails are now actually thumbnails (thanks, ImageMagick).

Support for image titles and descriptions were added.

It's all very, very hacky. I'll redesign some functions later. I'm pooped right now.

Sheesh. Sometimes I wish people could make electronics with screws instead of glue.

I mean, a hairdryer is pretty much mandatory for an electronic repair shop.

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