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@MutoShack this is close, but you made a small mistake since that isn't actually pikachu. this is pikachu:

When I first read the description for "Kitty is Not a Cat", I thought "Is this more Australian progressive left propaganda marketed towards kids?" But I was mistaken. This show is beautifully written & animated (reminiscent of "Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends") and is possibly the best kids cartoon of its era (best cartoon of all time is debatable, but I leave that title with OTGW)

Why did I watch a kids show about cats, you might ask? Because I'm a grown-up & I can do what I want. 🐱

"Easily Apply" on is the worst thing ever.

I sent like 3 job applications out a few days ago, but noticed that my email stopped working (DNS stuff, it seemed).

Now the email is working but I can't see any emails from anyone who replied during that time span 😭

So, I got my domain from and I have remote hosting from the same company (to reduce downtime)

But I want to host a (private) server as a subdomain of my website from my home PC.

I was just wondering... Can I use two different hosting services (my PC & hosting) on the same domain name? I feel like I should be able to, I'm just not sure how to go about it... I guess I'll surf the good 'ol Web & get educated 🤔

So... What do they say of the acropolis (where the parthenon is)?

I can drag that clip out twice a year and still laugh -- I don't know why!

It's like the voice activated lift in scotland. It just never gets old as long as I wait about 6mos.

Every job in the world wants me to live in San Francisco. 🌉

I'm so bad at colour theory that I may as well be colour blind!

Luckily for me, I found which generates a "complimenting colour" from a hexadecimal code! It also has a "Trending Colours" page to see what's popular. It helped me out a heck of a lot 👍

Jeez, I sound like a bot or an advertisement.

I want to write about free software marketing solutions, but I want to write a computer program to go with the article, because I'd basically just be complaining if I had nothing to show.

I also wouldn't mind seeing what I can do about a free software public relations tool (like Buffer)

Just wish I could figure out GTK. I have a button. I've had a button for a month, it's staring at me like "you piece of crap, can't you do anything besides a GTK button?"

It's been slow, is what I mean.

Just reminiscing. Foster care/group homes. I was the only white kid and the youngest, so some days were...shitty. Oooh, I remember some bad mornings! (you fucking whiteass! etc...) But outside of the house? @ school, downtown? They had my back! If I mentioned someone was messing with me, that would be the Last Time. My bros backed me upIt was great! We were a pack! 8 of us 13-17 year old idiots. We were invincible!
I've never really had that since really :-( No one has ever had my back since

Maybe, like me, you own PoS coins but are too poor to own enough to stake daily. Or perhaps, also like me, you are too lazy to figure out all the wallets for all your different staking coins! Fear not, for allows you to pool your stakes c: Here's my ref link:

Did the screenshot of GNU on change? At least it looks a little less outdated now 👍

Upgrading Ubuntu is absolutely miserable. Every time I have to slog through a mountain of apt errors I remember why I use GuixSD on all my own machines.

I never actually drew, nor have I heard about, that "S Thing" people like to draw (until today).

I guess it's super popular, I probably saw it before I just never payed attention 🤔

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