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So, wait... WHAT'S going on at the US capitol?

Half of me is asking. The other half doesn't wanna know.

I upgraded my ereader to 32GB because... Well... I will not be accepting questions at this time.

I want to get Respect V on the computer, but
1) I already wasted like 200 hours on the PS4 version
2) I'll wreck my fancy keyboard and I don't want that.
3) See #1 because that deserves more emphasis. "Download this book for $5!

If you want the author to get money, donate more!"

Holy nuts does itch just keep 100% of the income unless people tip?

Doctor: Please get your blood test results as soon as possible.

As soon as possible: A billion and a half years from now.

I mean the IPA is international I guess, but you know. Eh.

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We have one alphabet that we use to write words, and another alphabet that we use to tell people how to pronounce those words and yeah, that's English.

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Asked a question in on freenode about A.
Was told I don't need A, I need A+B+C+D+E all at once.


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Eating some In N Out by some palm trees is a real craving that I have too often. I just wish I could satisfy it.

I honestly don't know if In N Out is any good, but when its the first thing you eat after a 5 hour flight it might as well be the best thing ever.


I saw John Wick a few days ago. Honestly I liked it. Its over the top, most of the people who die are bad guys so its ok, it doesn't dwell on gore or anything. Just a fun, cheesy movie tbh.

But how does whatserface get out of the handcuffs? Like it just looked like she squeezed her hands out of them. I wasn't paying enough attention.

Finished chapter 1 of 1Q84. I'm using an English translation because I don't know any Japane. Really digging the amount of detail so far though!

It's like an 80's film, and a good one at that. I hope it doesn't dissapoint.

(Thanks @kai for the recommendation!)

My mind: "The weather's nice, eh?"

My mouth: "Uh hey. Uhg, the um... Sky... thing. Air stuff, right? Like, isn't it uh... Not bad? Yeah"

I don't know the technical info cause I'm not an android / graphics / computery guy. I just heard about it from some dev and I kinda took their word for it.

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Using the grayscale mode in Android drains the battery even faster because it fully renders the RGB pixel data under the hood, and then it approximates a gray value to use off of that data.

I think I mentioned it before, but it still makes me go "huh"

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They're literally selling the antichrist as a book. Clever!

By the way, calibre has utilities to bulk-reformat epub books to render properly and I'm extremely happy about that!

My brother got me volume 1 of Dune on hardcover for Christmas and it definitely got me back into reading fiction! Heck, it's good!

What's your favorite book? I'm looking for more stuff to put on my ereader for later.

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