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It's veeeery hacky and I need to read up on how to make events happen without constantly going "Should that happen? No. Should that happen *now*? No. How about now? No" but so far it's been fun.

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spontaneously decided to stream some scheme game dev. trying to make a very simple game.

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Basic dialogue is down. I need to work on "yes/no" selection and inventory stuff. Not bad so far, though!

I always think too hard about learning. When I try really hard to retain info, I usually don't.

I probably spend more time trying to find that perfect mental balance than I do learning anything valuable.

*Face really close to book* "Hmmm, 2. Hmm... Plus sign... Huh... 2... Equal sign... mmmm 4. Yes... I am paying so much attention. Hmmm"

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So, apropos of nothing, I just cooked up a pot of rice with the intention of extending some chili with it.
But when the still-steaming rice hit the bowl I was too tempted: I added some soy sauce and ate the whole thing that way.
Enjoying it cooked properly put me in mind of this video:
Uncle Roger DISGUSTED by this Egg Fried Rice Video (BBC Food)
Lesson: don't ask a brit to make you rice.

Idk how dialog boxes are supposed to work in but I think I'm almost there.

As soon as you interact with a thing the text appears, but as soon as you press space to close it it will pop up again.

A simple fix I think, just gotta step back and remember where things are. Fun to be doing game stuff again though.

Long, fix. 

Important update:
I was wrong, it is, in fact, perfectly fine (yay)!

For the record, if you so happen to move a scene to a different folder, when you try to open it again Godot will say "You must fix dependencies!"

You should either manually fix the deps or click "fix all" which will do an automatic recursive scan of the project folder.

Then for some reason it still tells you you need to fix the deps, even though nothing's wrong. At this point click "CLOSE" instead of "Open anyway". This will save the fixed deps but close the scene, so the next time you open it it will be correct.

Feels like a bug but I'm just happy my tiles are back.

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In if you change the location of your tilemap file, then re-point to it, it erases all your tiles.

Shooooooot I just wanted to organize some stuff!

On October 31 I'm going to fry up some hotdogs and call them "Hallowieners"

I wonder if people named Bob have a hard time convincing people that their name is, in fact, Bob.

Everyone in the USA is freaking out about something called the "Poly Ticks"

I hope they don't make their way to Canada. I hate ticks!

Yes , I know everyone who was at my dad's conference talk 10 years ago. Yes everyone. Thank you so much for asking me if I know them all one by one. I really appreciate that. /s

Of *course* I know the bartender at that place my brother had a gig at. Sheesh why *wouldn't* I? /s

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In the unlikely event that anyone is interested in reading more of my drivel, I've posted a few gemini files. Rss feeds list, magic smoke and why I had to say goodbye to linux mint.
Or, for ppl with no gemini client:
I'm thinking that if only I write enough stuff, people will read it. I don't think that's how it really works though.

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The toolkit isn't half bad. Not half bad at all!

I have only used it for like 20 minutes so stay tuned for when I change my mind!

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Complaining about the internet 

User1: "Scaling from 100px to 500px will cause distortion because 500 is not a factor of 2"

User2: "You're absolutely right, sorry"

I don't know what kind of people browse the subreddit. Scaling from 100 to 500 is a factor of 5x which is totally valid.

Older versions on the redbook use the aux.h library, which doesn't really exist anymore. It would be nice if (or some other library) reimplemented the aux functions as abstractions of existing functions.

Take, for example:
auxInitPosition (0, 0, 500, 500);

Makes sense, but
glutInitPosition ()
does not exist, but it's an easy combination of

I guess it would be ridiculous to create abstractions with the sole purpose of maintaining compatibility with ancient docs. I just remember how confusing it was to try and find aux.h.

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