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Here's a good mushroom gravy!

4 sliced mushrooms, fried.
1 can of mushroom soup
1 can full of milk
1tsp roasted beef base
1tbs corn starch

If you have powdered corn starch like me, prepare it by mixing it with a half-cup of milk and a half-cup of water, then pour the mixture into the gravy.

I fry the sliced shrooms in the pot before adding the soup. Fry them in butter until they release their juice, then keep frying until they suck the juice up again. Then they're done!

If you're vegetarian, try omitting the beef base. I haven't tried it, though.

Still haven't programmed much. Still drawing and singing and practicing piano, so I'm not a *total* potato, but I feel like one.

In other news, I finished editing and subtitling "boat 3", our improv skit. It took too long but at least we're all done now!

Watched "Ford v Ferrari" today, and, well... It just makes me want things I can't afford now!

Also I'd probably be way more into racing if advertisements weren't splattered all over the cars nowadays, honestly! I don't *want* to buy your stupid Energy Drink, Monster!

Been reading "Saint Paul - The Foundation of Universalism" by Alain Badiou and yeah, it's about as confusing as it sounds.

Ray Brassier's (the translator's) vastly esoteric vocabulary doesn't help much, either.

Charging extra for fragility won't get you more customers, but you'll get the same customers more often!

I need to practice singing more. I was doing really good before but... Now I'm not anymore.

My brother's Samsung S7's left audio channel went kurput.

It probably used a weird method for waterproofing, that caused an audio contact to slide out of place easier (or something. I don't know anything about hardware).

Honestly I don't think these things need to be waterproof. I mean, if they're going to die sooner. My S5 is still fine, by the way.

Just noticed that this new version also throws in a bunch of references to their past hits. That's pretty charming, actually.

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This exists on every darn page from my provincial government.

Every. Darn. One.

Relevant or not.

All done re-editing. The save file is good, but the render crashes. That's fine, at least I have my work.

I'll see what it wants tomorrow. Goodnight, Fedi!

Lost all my work cause didn't write a backup and didn't properly write the save file.

Good thing I made a pre-postproduction render to work on, but I still lost a lot.

Tomorrow I'll do it again, I guess.

The power went out for like a second last night and now I need to reset all my digital clocks.

Well "all" as in "both", but it still feels like a lot of work.

Learning some has really helped me understand the keyboard shortcuts in other programs. Mainly

You would think Screen would use Emacs-style defaults, being a GNU program, but it still works well.

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would it be so crazy if I published my personal blog asan rss feed ONLY and no web page ?

Haven't been doing much programming lately. Meh.

In positive news though, @RavingKain and I are making another low-quality improv bluescreen skit!

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The problem with #TikTok is not whether it is based in China or the US. The problem with TikTok is TikTok. Here's why:

We see people posting pictures of running on airport/supermarket computers and going "Look! This company is finally using good software."

But they completely miss the fact that a massive screen displaying a kernel panic message all day is not exactly the best example of a good system.

Sometime I'm going to write about "Angry marketing" - the snarky, "well duh" approach to selling ideas, one which I fell for too often back in the day.

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