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Oh my god Spongebob BFBB: Rehydrated comes out in a week!

(2:40 timestamp)
I just realized how vague this is. I mean Ubuntu keeps disconnecting from the Wifi, then reconnecting.

You know you made a good post when you need to explain it.

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"When someone asks, 'What did you get done today?' it sounds
more impressive to say 'I defined a new language and wrote a compiler for it' than
to say 'I just hacked up a couple of macros.' "

- Paradigms of Artificial Intelligence, Book I, on

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Gmail, :-( 

Why do people have to email me 10MB pictures.

I should see if I can make ImageMagick rescale all attached images to a sane size. I'll still have to download the whole image, but I won't need to store it at least.

I disabled "display boosted posts" a long time ago, and I keep forgetting to boost other people's posts because it feels like nothing happens.

'do' in is weird. I don't think about it much, but... It's weird.

It doesn't sound like a loop, you know? It sounds like it should be synonymous with 'begin'.

User trying to reproduce a bug for a developer. 2020, colorized.

Low quality post 

Uncharacteristically political, uncharacteristically left-leaning 

Slight frustration, rambling, vent. 

I hate how Wikipedia defines as a "Youth Subculture".

Like, everyone who was a Scene Teen is now a Scene Oldperson and they still look just as rad.

I've entered the state of re-implementing the entire language because I need to do that one thing which is probably already built in.

I'm not even going to add comments. I'm just going to bed so I can wake up and write the 2 lines of code I actually need to fix everything, then delete the rest.

Even though I specified an output port, everything wants to go to stdout. I'm just venting to take a break for a moment.

Can the 'ftp' command be used in a script? I only ever use the interactive shell, but I want to automate things a bit more.

Skimming through the manpage, it looks like it's interactive-only.

The protocol is okay.

I mean it's stupid, but I won't deny that making thumbnails in is fun, and OpenGraph gives me an excuse to do that.

This image pretty much sums up my understanding of America's current political situation.

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