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Joel Splosky's book "Joel on Software" is actually not bad.

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here's my official, final 2020 tree/shrub planting list:

** fruit trees
- lapins sweet cherry
- bartlett european pear
- large korean asian pear
- shinseiki asian pear
- aromatnaya quince
- pennsylvania golden pawpaw
- illinois everbearing mulberry
- black mission fig
- enterprise apple
- ellison's orange apple

** flowering trees
- eastern redbud

** fruiting shrubs
- legacy blueberry
- sweet scarlet goumi
- red currant

** shrubs
- river locust

#gardening #permaculture

My phone kept bugging me about updates, so I did and now it won't turn on anymore.

If you want to XMPP me, don't encrypt until mcabber can support it.

I guess I *should* get my Linux+, just because I probably can.

It's just... Expensive.

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I freaking hate the XBox 360's hardware.

Screws are apparently evil. The XBox has big flimsy plastic tabs everywhere!

I just wanted to put some washers in this thing and use it for low-power computing or whatever, but I also want to break this gosh-darned piece of plastic so bad!

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one of those people is me. Taken from a drone, at the sunset, on a reef
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The MediaGoblin meeting went quite nicely! Nice to see familiar names show up again for it too

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My Scheme implementation is a collection of "this seems like a bad idea ... but if we go really really far in that direction, it wraps all the way around to being a good idea"

I've just had another so-bad-it-might-be-good idea, and I'm looking forward to reimplementing our modules around it.

I *finally* found a fully functional deck (and a receiver+tuner combo) from the thrift store.

It took about a million and a half alcohol-dipped cotton swabs to clean out the wells, but it runs great now.

Also happy valentines day (or I Love Free Software Day, if that's your shtick)!

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Oh shit man. Why didn't you say so. My hibernate now works!
I'm doing a study on why people disabled SecureBoot on their Linux x86_64 consumer (desktop and laptop) hardware. If I can understand the reasons, I can better handle the UX notifying people how and why to turn it back on. Also, I'd appreciate it if you could reshare. Thanks!

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My hobby: messing with capitalist computer algorithms.
This is who utube thinks I am now.

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I've mentioned before there is another person with my first and last name, who shares a very similar email address to mine (I think it's nearly identical, except his includes a middle initial). I receive a lot of email that's intended for him and have done so for probably 10 years.

The latest: he appears to have signed up for something called FlirtyMature. I've received too much spam in my inbox from this place in the last 12 hours for it to be random.

Okay, I made it so that every time I run "haunt build", html-tidy gets called automatically to reformat the generated HTML.

Yeah, that feels waaay better!

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"High Intensity Discharge" sounds like an awful medical condition.

Briefly mentioning because I tried it and it's not half as half-baked as I thought it would be.

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