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rar archives are the worst.

unrar isn't available on Guix, but I get an error while building it. I can build the library, though! does not have documentation (anywhere, at all), so if I want to manually unpack a rar file using C, I'd have to read the source code to find the declaration myself.

I am, to put it lightly, not having a blast.

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Its really warming and gives me hope to see all the wonderful kindness and thanks being shared this Men's day.

Thank you to everyone who made this something positive, compassionate, and non-judgemental. Its beautiful to see, from men and women a like.

#men #mensday

The latest ad shows the , but they just show the picture. They wouldn't dare speak its name.

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I woke up today to be told that PNG is pronounced "Ping" and I don't know if my morning's better or worse because of it.


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Let’s talk about PAKE

The first rule of PAKE is: nobody ever wants to talk about PAKE. The second rule of PAKE is that this is a shame, because PAKE — which stands for Password Authenticated Key Exchange — is actually one of the most useful technologies that (almost) never gets used. It should be deployed everywhere, and yet it isn’t.
To understand why this is such a damn shame, let’s start by describing a very real problem.

The creator of the KISS distribution wrote a whole post about keeping the website clean & small. It's beautiful and full of info everyone should know!

"Computers. What's up with 'em? They stink and all they do is make me mad."

*Enthusiastic applause as I'm carried out with my $1,000,00 cash prize*

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Just wait til' I present my Turing award-winning speech: "Computers Considered Harmful"

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On a rock, face-down on top of a mountain, someone wrote "Where has the love gone". I kind of feel bad for disturbing it now!

"Running a Bakery on Emacs" by Piers Cawley.

What I *really* want to know is whether or not people complain about beard hairs in their pastries!

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Lately I see people asking for features in Mastodon to make it more like twitter.
The author of mastodon used to use twitter and left in disgust.
He deliberately wrote something that is NOT twitter. It's on purpose.
For e.g. no quoting is on purpose.
He has reasons for his design choices and they are all to promote a nice environment, without hate, insulting and bickering.
No ads-No corporate sponsorships. No forced posts in your personal timeline.
You choose everything and ban/block/mute anyone

I don't like new , but I can't tell if it's my personal opinion or because I've been radicalized by classic Star Wars fans.

I'm unable to log into Cisco DevNet, and my email is giving me a 550 error. Today hasn't been very productive.

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I love Guix's idea of transaction management and rollback. I look forward to see how this particular Linux Distribution is going to evolve. They are off to a good start!

#Linux #Science #Technology #CS


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