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Google: "To download your archive, please log in from your main computer, as this is sensitive data"

Me, who only ever logged on via Tor: "Oh"

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I swear I used to be able to solve this thing intuitively. Kind of. Also I'm going to sleep.

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"This Rubik's Cube tutorial is so easy, you'd have to be a complete retard to not get it."

Me, not getting it: "oh no."

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today's word of the day: Gestaltzerfall. Related to semantic satiation (that is, when you say a word too much and it loses its meaning).

Except here, the word (or object) keeps its meaning but splits up into its components, and you can only focus on one of them for the moment.

Unlike semantic satiation, I don't think I've experienced this; not sure I want to.

"Discord is secure because Discord *promises* security!"

Yeah. That doesn't mean anything.

As of today I am a certified software tester...

... If that's not the most boring title in town...

Me: "I disabled the speakers in the BIOS. No audio can play without headphones."

Space Cadet Pinball: "Oh, we'll see about that!"

Really though. It was scary.

Petition to change the English "seven" to "sev" and "zero" to "zer" so all single digits have one syllable.

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@MutoShack Free compiling instructions, 30-day trial,
please fill in the form below to get your key…

That's what they call open-source nowadays.

"Okay how do I compile this project?"


"See compilation instructions at http://projectsite.something/compiling.
Yeah, we're not going to just tell you how to compile it here, silly!"

This always bugs me more than it should.

So apparently WD-40 doesn't go on literally everything. I feel lied to.

It's starting to get too cold for (not that I improved any).

For winter, I want to learn the lost art of .

I admit, the extra free time is nice. Sometimes being a loser has its perks.

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1:30 in the morning. Oh hey, it's my birthday!

I'm going to sleep.

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hot take:
no selfie has been improved by instagram filters
sorry folkx, yall are cute already

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Oh yeah, it's (International Day Against DRM) again today.

I don't like DRM.

There - I said it. See you all next year.👍

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