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Good hacking music if you want to do more grooving than hacking.

(It's also part of the "Hackers" soundtrack)

( )

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deer: cute
foxes: cute
mice: cute
rabbits: cute
turkeys: cute
pigeons: cute
groundhogs: cute
squirrels: cute
chipmunks: cute
skunks: cute
raccoons: cute

if you thought I was gonna end this list with an animal that I didn't was cute you've got another thing coming

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Dear friends, help me scour
Through the world of books
That I can then devour
In many cozy nooks,
At least one, every hour.


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"I'm working on a financial app in Rust."

Oh, so that's how they call blockchain app now...

My brother lent me a book on "Socratic Logic".

He says "It's basically all common sense", but I get my mind blown pretty much every time I turn the page.

It goes to show you... We all like to *think* we have common sense.

And by "empty line" I mean "A line with 0 characters followed by a terminating newline character".

A line with nothing on it but a newline character is still a line.

This is really just a pet peeve, since it's not a problem, but...

The "nl" command doesn't number empty lines by default. Is that kind of weird to anyone else?

We can work around this with:
nl -b a <file>

I'm just wondering why:
nl -b t <file>
is the default setting?

Isn't the POSIX definition of a line "something that ends with a newline character"?

So shouldn't "Number Lines" mean "Number *all* lines" *unless* you tell it not to"?

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Amateurs vs. Professionals

Why is it that some people seem to be hugely successful and do so much, while the vast majority of us struggle to tread water?

The answer is complicated and likely multifaceted.

One aspect is mindset—specifically, the difference between amateurs and professionals.

Most of us are just amateurs.

What’s the difference? Actually, there are many differences:

Amateurs stop when they achieve something... (much more)

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is been a fantastic experience! I'm looking forward to attend the next year!

If I could reach out to myself & tell me something, it would be to make a friend. Not just someone to hack with, but someone to eat ice cream with. Someone to watch cartoons with, and share stories with.
Someone who feels comfortable showing me their cringey poetry, and is comfortable reading mine.

Hey, now, I'm going to sleep before tomorrow rolls in.
Sleep well, fediverse people in my general timezone!

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We keep talking about making coding accessible to others. Yet every version managers, every package manager, every build tool we add makes it harder to beginners.

Trying to push out another blog post titled "Toxic Abstraction", regarding the issues of arbitrarily high-level programming.

If it's anything as well thought out as my Mastodon posts, you can expect it to be low quality & full of claims without evidence.

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Mastodon's Web interface is so much slower than @Tusky 's Java interface.
Even Java is faster than Web!
#java #web #javascript

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doesn't have multi-monitor support. Good thing my computer is strong enough to run two Electron programs at the same time!

With all this talk about Area 51 I guess I should say at something about it.


The place is empty. It's just the biggest, most expensive "Patrick's box" gag ever made.

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@MutoShack nobody can tackle all the problems at the same time by themselves, do remember that we all have eachother and we all care about some of the important issues :blobcatheart:

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can the "apple cares about your privacy" meme please stop

their actions are not reflecting it at all, they're just doing some clever PR without any real technical or social change

they're not decentralizing anything, they're still forcing their proprietary app store and push notification system onto users (with all the boundless terribleness that entails)

they're not allowing rooting(well, jailbreaking) out of the box

they seem to have no intention to truly give their customers any control over their device and with that any semblance of privacy

(do not read this as "Android is better", because that isn't what i said, that's just a whole different can of terribleness)

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Someone on here said something about "non-tech mailing lists"

I was talking a while ago about missing forum sites.

There's probably a reason this hasn't been done, but...

What if there was this forum-ish website software, where, instead of using your email to make an account, sending an email is the way you reply to a thread in a collection of "topics" (each "topic" is its own mailing list)

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