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Another "I'm bored" post.

The date is still from the first draft in April. And typos. Sheesh. Whatever, I'll fix it tomorrow.

When you assume your audience can do their own research, but realize almost immediately that they probably won't

(taken from 's install instructions)

I've been on for 2 years today (I think. All my clocks are off by a day or two).

On the Fediverse for almost 3 years if I include the time I spent on , but I can't remember how long I was there for.

This is my first status update on šŸ˜ƒ I'll be geeking out about Lisp related rubbish & some IRL nonsense, so don't mind me, thank you.šŸ˜•

The last post I received from Chris Webber linked to an update he wrote on HN that basically suggested MediaGoblin is a dead project. Which is a shame, because there's a need for a media server that focused on curated collections/ galleries (eg all the talk videos, photos, slides, and paper, from Conference X), rather than feeds (#PixelFed, #PeerTube etc). He also said the federation code is almost done. Is there anyone out there keen to take over as maintainer?
@falgn0n @selea @dredmorbius

There's a reason I talk about the books I buy but never about the ones I read.

Ok where's my surprised emoji face...

šŸ˜± ā€¼ļø

Mediagoblin is finally working on my machine!

Okay, I admit that it isn't very hard to do, but it took me way longer than it should have so I'm giving myself a pat on the back.

With Guix's new container network sharing feature (, I can finally start migrating my self-hosted home server from Parabola to Guix...!

I've been running Parabola on my server for many years and I can't migrate all the services to Guix overnight. Many required packages and services haven't yet been packaged for Guix. So, I need to move services incrementally and gradually as and when they are packaged for Guix. I do this by running a Guix container (managed by `guix system container') within Parabola. Some services run on Parabola, and some run on the Guix container. Eventually, the Guix container will take over all the services from Parabola and I can replace Parabola completely with a Guix installation! :-)

Managing services declaratively with Guix (and Guile scheme) is so elegant and fun. Way better than ansible, I should say!

Linux has epoll, BSDs have kqueue, and the #Hurd has... well, neither, nor is there any replacement.

There of course are select & poll, but they work differently: with poll/select, the calls themselves block until an event occurs, whereas epoll/kqueue let you create a new fd and then wait on it. This makes them composable, so you can nest event loops, even between processes.

So for the past few days, in between finals, I've been writing a little epoll server for the Hurd; today it finally started working.

Whoa, whoa, hold the phone.

has a new website design:

I am personally not a huge fan of Bootstrap, but I'm enjoying this trend of 'let's make simpler-looking, easier to navigate websites'.

All colours are variations of F and A (like FFFFAA for yellow and AAAAFF for blue). I want to change that for people who are partially or fully colour blind, even though this theme is only for myself.

The Backyard theme - A colour theme that only uses background colours (for when your current colour theme just isn't annoying enough)

doesn't have a mode for ? Not even a 3rd party mode?

Haven't looked around too much, I'll keep searching in the evening or I'll just make my own.

is weird.

Still figuring out the codebase, but I'm simultaneously learning Python since I don't know any Python at all.

So far I'm still not a fan.

Very high-quality post incoming 

My letter to was "Quote of the Month" in the PS Magazine, so I got a free subscription & that's just cool.

I'm never sure if is just stuck on "Build phase" or simply taking a while to complete.

Sometimes Guix prints every bit of information except what I need to know.

Some "This site uses cookies" banners have two options:
"I Understand" and "Dismiss"

This isn't an "I consent/ I don't consent" deal. The site collects cookies either way. It's an "I understand / I don't understand" deal, since it makes no difference to the site owners

I don't know why, but I find it ridiculous, like having a window manager where "Quit" is a button on one side of the title bar, and "Close" is on the other
In other news I'm learning traditional animation. I suck at it, it's fun

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