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I like Josh Ritter's lyrics sometimes.

"Drive east of Eden
'Til we start to feel the west
We were never far from nowhere
You could see it from the edge of town"

Me: "Yeah I use . If you write Lisp, you gotta have pardit!"

Also me: *disables paredit every time my parens aren't matching so I can manually adjust them*

SURPRISE YouTube Is In Major Pain After Censoring YouTubers!

Google took a huge hit this week that was largely attributed to YouTube. Visit our MAIN SITE for more breaking news šŸ„¼https://teesprin...


How I draw figures for my mathematical lecture notes using Inkscape
In my preĀ­viĀ­ous blog post, I exĀ­plained how I take lecĀ­ture notes using Vim and LaTeX. In this post, Iā€™ll talk about how I draw figĀ­ures for my notes using Inkscape and about my cusĀ­tom shortĀ­cut manĀ­agĀ­er.

San Diego shooter 1 

While @sir over there works on a rio-like #Wayland compositor (go check it out!),

I've spent some time trying to port plan9port (aka Plan 9 from User Space) to the #Hurd yesterday. It's not quite working yet, but many subprojects already build, and at least mk works.

The really exciting part of course would be to switch the custom filesystems back from 9P over a Unix socket to real Hurd translators.


I've been back and forth about this for a while, but I think I like website navigation bars that are just links in a <p> separated by hyphens (or pipes).

That is, as opposed to the current convention which is "Display the navbar as a list, then move them next to each other with "

If you are paid well by posting at Medium, please keep posting there. Otherwise how about moving to a less annoying place?

>Name a more dynamic duo.

"Like this if you're watching in 2019"

"Edit: omg thanks for all the likes"

Haven't tried polls yet, so I'll give it a go.

I've been using <hr/> a lot lately and I personally think that...

Presentational is good.

mSATA SSD + mPCIe->mSATA adapter came today.

Getting an HSM violation just after GRUB. Similar behavior whilst using different kernels.

Thinking it's a hardware error but I don't want to believe that just yet.

Black box testing:
You have no idea how the system works, so you try to test it against the requirements.

White box testing:
Black box testing but someone gave you a bunch of spaghetti code thinking it would be useful to you.

Nope. Even after re-generating ~/.config/guix and using another mirror, still wants to use an outdated package list.

I wouldn't mind, but it's not letting me install , which I need to build .

info pages haven't been the best of help so far.

Sometime last year I got this china cabinet from my great uncle. It was nice but didn't come with the key, so I went out & found these little lion face knobs for the doors.

I'm just waiting for guix to upgrade my stuff, and am posting to pass the time (and I really like these knobs).

I may have said this before, but...

"Coding with JavaScript for Dummies - 1st Edition" is the worst book I've read, for several reasons:

1) It's about JavaScript.

2) There are grammatical/syntax errors everywhere, especially in the code snippets.

3) The author spells "EMacs" with a capital M, like it's an Apple product.

Okay. I can
'guix archive --authorize'

But it still primarily pulls from hydra. Having a difficult time figuring out how to block/omit the hydra server. I'll figure this out soon I hope.

I have nothing against the boomers, I just like the jokes & it's fun to say.

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