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On a similar note, is very, *very* smooth.

IMO, a project shouldn't be called "alpha" if it makes the user feel like a godly wizard.

Finally broke down and uninstalled nvidia drivers (I can't get my machine to select Nouveau by default while nvidia is still installed).

Now I can Guile-GL again.

@raichoo I am still waiting for the year of the #Hurd desktop. Or #Inferno, for the matter. They just added patches for #FreeBSD 12 support after its release in december.

Why do people upvote videos? Like, I don't have TIME to wait for a video to load! I just want to see pictures of cats and Shaggy and babies then get on with my day!

I still remember when I first watched Hourou Musuko. It's a really cute show.

Don't know why I'm thinking about it today, but I thought I'd mention it just in case anyone here didn't know of it yet.

I don't remember any *horrible* parts of this anime, but I wasn't exactly a critic at the time.

(I remember enjoying the manga even earlier, but I can't recall any of the details)

Man this B chord is hard to play. How do you fit all those fingers in one fret?šŸ¤”

*Logs in to any Google-related account on literally any device*


Today I got the Nortel speaker working as a mic. Tonight I'll try writing something & tomorrow will be recording day.

Also, an instrument cable is *not* a microphone cable...

It's weird not knowing common knowledge like this.šŸ¤”

My city is replacing all the orange street lights with white LEDs.

I'd say it's a good long-term investment, but I'm going to miss seeing the yellow sky at night.


i call this "the oven feeling" cuz you're hot and full of food

My brother is nuts at music. By contrast, I'm tone deaf, but since I have 24/7 access to his studio I'm thinking of experimenting a bit.

Also going to see if my dad can spare a phone. Got about half a million 1995 Nortel phones in the basement, so I want to take the speakerphone out of one and turn it into a microphone (cause lo-fi is the new hi-fi)

Also guitar. I don't know how or why they exist, but I'm going to learn it.

It's not much, but it's better than sitting around on DJMAX.

i really should get around to learning a LISP...

's new icon design guideline makes a lot of sense to me. It seems like a controversial subject, but maybe that's just because it's GNOME, which is an iffy community to begin with.

Canon, Nikon: Hey look! We invented a tilt-shift lens!

Every human being ever:
I'm going to take pictures of traffic with this!

My website hosting expired 6 days ago. Going to try a different provider soon because I don't need all these expensive buzzwords right now.

#StevenUniverse final episodes spoilers. 

" FragFest has arrived"

More like Razer Fa- ... No. It's too easy.

I fooled you all, I'm actually just a text bot of r/sadcringe

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