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Yes, indeed. Things still don't work well but at least it runs the way I expect it to (more or less).

TFW you wonder what you're going to do today and then everything decides it wants a piece of you.

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Okay cool. So apparently all the values have been renamed to lowercase-hyphen instead of UPPERCASE_UNDERSCORE. Guess that makes it more lispy by convention.

(glEnable fog)
still does not work, since fog is only an argument to

(enable-cap fog)
returns a numerical value 2912, so

(glEnable (enable-cap fog))
or even
(glEnable 2912)
works correctly.

... the same thing we do every morning:


Also, find out who got my package.

Haunt 0.2.4 released. it contains just a single bug fix for a silly mistake I made. thanks again to @cwebber for the patch.

The "Low-level" module for -
(gl low-level)
- Sure has some... "Meh" documentation.

(glEnable) is recognized but requires a single argument, so I try to enable GL_FOG:

(glEnable GL_FOG)
;;Doesn't work
(glEnable (GL_FOG))
(glEnable 'GL_FOG)

Apparently none work since GL_FOG is not defined in the bindings, or maybe (likely) I'm just not that bright.

I'm unsure as to whether I'm asking for help or just venting right now.

I don't know much about "Life is Strange" (the first game), but I have Polaroid film and the stuff costs like $4 a shot ($40 for the entire roll) because Impossible Project has a monopoly.

The protagonist of the game is rich as heck.šŸ’ø

(The price of Impossible film has gone down a bit since Polaroid bought out Impossible, but the game takes place in 2013, so yeah, super rich protagonist.)

The #Guile manual is sorely missing some examples

Here's a tiny example of how to read a string inserted by a user at the prompt and displays it

(use-modules (ice-9 rdelim))

(let ((str (read-line (current-input-port))))
(display (string-append str "\n")))

(random) is an interesting function.

Is there a way to change the default range of random?

For instance, to make (random 10) output a random number between -20 and +10

In other words, is there a way to include negative *and* positive numbers in random? I know I can do
(- (random 10))
but this only outputs a random negative number.

I currently only have a sloppy work-around for this problem.

tfw you see someone wearing one of those algorithmically generated word t-shirts that say shit like "never underestimate the power of a dry wall installation contractor" in real life

God: Be fruitful and multiply.

Yes yes good.


Okay... Please stop.

Crap I thought by now you'd have a real space program or *something*!

Welp, this is probably the furthest can get from winning:

Not only did we not make it to the Gray Cup, but Calgary did (and won).

Not only did Calgary win, but the Gray Cup game was hosted in Edmonton.

I don't feel too strongly about it (it's a casual rivalry. Calgary is cool), I just thought it was funny enough to mention.

Congratulations, @msh šŸ‘ šŸŽ

Me: Oh it's Black Friday today. No big deal, I don't plan on going out today anyway.

My inbox, which is subscribed to almost every newsletter on the planet:!

ā€œIronically enough, it seems that one of the most reliable findings in #psychology is that only half of psychological studies can be successfully repeated.ā€ ā€•


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