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Military uniforms should be made of super strong magnets that just push the bullets away when people try to shoot them.

Of course this is a joke, but it's cool to think about.

👕 🔫

When will the people -ify ?

I mean sure, the photo sharing ActivityPub apps we have now are nice, but Mediagoblin is like, a multimedia sharing powerhouse! Someone needs to implement AP to it!

I'm not big on networking.
I'm not big on Python.
Don't turn to me for help, I'm just here to complain.

Okay, this Halloween let's all make an effort to not be "that house" on the block.

You know, the one that gives out Lay's lightly salted chips and last year's chocolate.

Can we get rid of timezones and just all use the same clock?

I wouldn't mind saying "I wake up at 3 AM and go to bed at 1:00 PM" or something weird like that.

That way there's no "It's YOUR time but it feels like MY time" when moving across timezones - every time is OUR time, the only difference is the local position of the sun.

Not that it's feasible. It would just be nice. 🕒

(Just thinking cause I laughed when my package shipped a few minutes ago tomorrow morning)

To edgelords everywhere:

Answering rhetorical questions does not make you sound smart. 👌

And also - putting the 👏 emoji between every word in a post like this is annoying.

When people ask "How come this GNU package doesn't run well on Windows?"
But then when it comes to proprietary software running on GNU they say "Well duh, it's not magic!"

Ah, Josh Ritter made a new song. Very relaxing with a touch of bittersweet. ☄️ 💖


"Plastic straws get stuck in the throats of baby turtles"

haha no the turtles are just using the straws to drink the water! 👌

Oh yeah, Youtube is down for me, too.

Centralized platforms are /so/ stable and trustworthy! 👍

I learn a lot just by hanging out with people who like pop culture.

So, the reason trends start is because teenage ghosts are fighting in the ghost world, and depending on the weapon they use, different trends will pop up.

Yes that makes sense! (That's a mechanic in a game called something like "World Ends With You" and it's pretty hilarious)

If I ever work in sales I'll change my name to something like:

Steele Cazsh.

Do you think will be comming out one of this years? Will it be a linux kernel killer?

What's a good functional programming language to start with?

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