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/ cannot detect either of my CD-ROM drives, so I opted for a USB stick with the "mini.iso" on it (the only ISO file that can be booted via USB).

It's only having an issue while trying to satisfy a dependency while installing rsyslog (I guess "liblognorm2" is unavailable).

So far, I have no Hurd hardware up and running in my house just yet. šŸ˜©

We're a month away from the release (and this time the release date *won't* get pushed back! I'm sure of it)

Also the Pyra handheld is super cool.

Projects like these make me want to find a job even more - It's almost a full-time job just trying to find work.

Oh I guess it's Google's 20th birthday.

I... Kind of hate Google, but I guess at one point it was innocent enough, so, I guess thank you, Google, for truly not being evil, at least intentionally, 19 years ago. šŸŽ‰šŸ–•šŸŽ‰

My biggest fear, although it's dependent on an afterlife existing, would be that...

When I die, my entire life, thoughts, fantasies and actions, will be displayed on a huge TV for my dead friends and families to watch with me, and they get to take a vote on whether or not I go to hell.

Think about that next time you do anything - you're the star of your own show and your fanbase is judging you.

Messed up my home dir permissions while copying it back to my laptop.

My tired brain couldn't remember the "allow write permissions" command so for some reason I thought chmod 777 would be fine.

It is not fine, especially with -R.

That settles it, i'm heading straight to bed.

I use Cisco's Webex Teams to IM a few people, but, even though I gave it my best shot, there is no GNU/Linux native client and everything seems so disjointed and awkward. On top of that, it seems to be stuck on the "logging in" animation forever.

There. Now that I have wired internet I can install the for real on one of my machines. This stupid multiserver microkernel program. This stupid, dumb, amazing wonderful program.

So I don't know anything about brains but...

We "see" things when light bounces off an object, so when something is wet or shiny, *more* light is bouncing off of it into our eyes. Does that make it "more existent" visually? Maybe that's why humans like to look at shiny things. šŸ¤”

Truly yours, a boy who used too much furniture polish today šŸ‘Œ āœØ

Alright, so I almost got a proper Ethernet connection going, but...

The only Ethernet cable in the computer room goes up into the ceiling, over the bathroom and towards the telephone/internet room, but it doesn't reach (the cable just kind of cuts off. I'm glad the bathroom has a tiled ceiling so I can get to it easier). I guess whoever installed this cable didn't want to run it all the way across and now I need to find a way to fix this.

To the people who built this house: šŸ–•

The more I look at this road sign the less that looks like a shovel, and I hate myself because I try my best to *not* have that kind of mindset.

'setxkbmap -layout us -variant dvp'

It's been 2 years and I had no idea there was a clean way to do that until today (I usually either stuck with plain Dvorak or installed some kind of keyboard layout helper tool) šŸ¤”

I should really get into the habit of reading man/info pages again.

(No spoilers, don't worry)

Just watched the last episode of Adventure Time.

I'm not a fan of everything happening so fast and I feel like the last episode could have been 2 or 3 episodes instead, but I still liked it.

"Back Then" by Rebecca Sugar is really nice though. I'm not a fan of Sugar's work, but that song hit me for some reason.

Is it again? I started using a few days ago and I like it a lot more than personally.

(Er... I don't normally have more than 2 windows open at a time, the clutter is there solely for the screenshot)

To be honest, I think this is pretty clever.

If you're wondering "back me with what?", it's literally just "satisfaction" and "tech support"

A joke about the kids you see on places like Tumblr.

The code is what they say, but their implication is the program's output.

This might be a feature request, or it could just be something to hack on to masto/pleroma/ or w/e.
People make their profiles - or not. They may only represent what they'd like to project about themselves vs who they actually are or what is important to me as one who follows them.
It would be nice to be able to tag people with my own impression of them.
That way I'd know for sure that @MutoShack is the lisp guy without guessing - or keeping separate notes, which I suppose I could do as well.

Hey @MutoShack I think I've mixed up a couple of contacts. Are you the lisp/hurd guy?

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