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I'm not a scientist or big on , but you know what would be fun?

Gloves that can selectively restrain finger muscle movement, essentially stopping your fingers or hands from moving.

I mean like, you're in a VR world & pick up a baseball, so the glove on your hand will tense up in whatever location it needs to in order to make you actually feel like a baseball is in your hands.

I would go buy a VR hat if something like that existed!

All I really want is:

A) To be framed by a villain so the government hates me, and
B) To be a super smart engineer so I can booby trap the police in hilarious ways when they enter my house.

Oh! And
C) To have my own house (but that's wishful thinking in this economy)

I've been posting too many memes lately, but that's only because it's easy and I honestly have nothing new going on in my life.

When you don't comment your code & then come back to it a week later:

I sat out on a beach for an hour & that's all my mind could come up with.

I am a humble wave on a shallow lake. Why would anyone want more than that?

Quite the crazy thunderstorm last night!

Oi! No flash photography, Jesus!

ok im starved for attention. gotta say something relatable to fetizens

uh. electron is bad?

Once the people implement commenting on other instances via , I bet it'll really pick up again.

Ever since closed down I haven't been able to find a good Mediagoblin server.

I'd host one myself, but like I said to someone before - Until I find a job I won't have my own place & I don't want to suck up Internet usage on a network that isn't my own.

@MutoShack I wish one day I can finally try Hurd (^ω^).

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Welp I'm on Mint 19 now. Nothing seems to have broken (except for but I mean Steam breaks if you so much as sneeze at your computer).

" 19 is out!"

Eh, I'm good with my current version. No complaints here!

"Mint 19 comes with the new Cinnamon AND your computer will run faster!"

(daydreaming about a super fast computer) I'm updating **right now**! 🚄

I'm.... A sucker.

"This non-existent library is a dependency! Or you could always just use the good old Electron app!"


Been trying some spritework & tilemapping. I am *not* one for designing any kind of front-end/spritework stuff.

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