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I bought a mouse from maybe half a year ago, and the scroll wheel has been acting up (no abuse has been done to the mouse). Compressed air did nothing.

I contacted them about this & they want me to install Synapse for what is clearly a hardware issue.

I never really liked them, but the headphones I got from them held up pretty well (still going good after 4 years) so I thought a mouse would also be durable.... I guess not.

On Kijiji there's someone selling a 64GB PS memory stick for $80 CAD (~$60 USD).

Considering I have a 4GB one at the moment & a 64GB card is about $150 to order online, it's pretty tempting.

Also yes I hate how expensive PS Vita memory cards are. 😣

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Took all day (one of the joys of being ), but I finally finished this.

Some leftover wood, fabric & cable management so I made a home for my consoles that finally feels "right".
(I did the thing with the twine because I like shelves that hang like that, but I'll probably end up removing it.)🕹️

We're only ~1/3 of a year away from another marathon (and that's a )!

... Of course, there are many /other/ things in the year I can look forward to! 🤥

I'm not in the industry or anything, but I think most men (not just soyboys) would look pretty hot rocking a skater skirt. 🤔

There is a God after all - and his name is Tanu Kaskinen!
(From 12.0 release notes)

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Friendly nazy a little confused of all these genders. Show more

"Operating Systems: Three Easy Pieces"

Holy moly this is crackin' nuts! How did I not know of this til' now?

I feel like my entire life has been full of "How did I not know of this til now?" lately.

Sometimes I like to believe that I can compress a tarball inside another tarball & keep doing it until it just becomes 0b and disappears. 👍

I washed the windows, sprayed the house down, weeded the garden, mowed the lawn, cleaned up the insides, WD-40'd the door hinges, deleted unused files on my PC & took a shower. I've never felt so clean.

Best. Saturday. Ever.

I hope everyone else is having a productive/fun/lazy/good Saturday, as well! 💖

Or hardware drivers' developers, understanding the value of C++ over pure C and GPL v3 over v2…

We should get a bunch of paranoid schizophrenics to build on the . At least development would speed up.

We could give it a cooler name... Like... "The Temple"... ... ... Or something.

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