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"Pro" sticker pack is on sale, honestly the only ones I'd use would be Bash & Git.

Wildflower garden looking lush. Lupines on their way out. Asters on their way in. Strawberries have set fruit. #gardening

I have a studio in the basement (less highway noise is better for recording) but it feels a little unwelcoming...

There's a window in here but my window well is made of tin. I'm wondering how much work it would be to replace it with clay bricks... I might be able to do it with < $100 and some work outdoors would be healthy. šŸƒ

Can something be better than sharing a copy with your friend? Or modifying something in your favorite game, so it suits your needs. Or maybe you just want to have some fun and spend your time hacking on that arcade or race or anything. Maybe you are not yet talented enough, so you ask your father or uncle, or sister, or just someone on the planet to make a modification for you. And then everyone is happy.

Ugh, I take it back. I *DO NOT* like Reddit's new redesign!

I'm glad "classic mode" is available. That's really nice of them šŸ‘

For some reason, has been on my mind lately. With the cash I have left I'm wondering about painting my home studio, grabbing some nice curtains, maybe even hanging some paintings... šŸ¤” šŸ–Œ šŸ›‹

I just want to buy this album online but I don't want to make an account on Amazon or Spotify or flippin' *everything* just to get it! Why don't these companies want my money? I just want music!

The only option I have left is to order a CD from the official website. Maybe I will... šŸ¤”

I guess in Mint the right Alt key is mapped to "Super 3" or something dumb. Who said they wanted *three* Super keys?

I mean I can remap it back to Alt easy but I just thought that it's weird.

Conversation tip: If anyone starts a question with "Can I...", if you can't think of a response just reply with "Not in this economy!"

It makes you sound smart *AND* it makes you seem like you're actually paying attention!

I like this person. He's clear, to the point, and has a good sense of humour!

Tfw you're in heaven so you go to the guy at the till all like "where's the manager?"

Who said what about & ???

I mean I never liked GitHub before but I never thought they'd stoop *this* low.

Typing this on an Acer 6311-K keyboard I found at a garage sale. It's no IBM but it sure is clicky as hell!! šŸ‘Œ

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