I mean, how else are we supposed to "fight" the coronavirus?


It's just a joke article, by the way. Not worth the trouble if it's giving you a hard time.


It's the stupid hosting service I'm using. You may need to reconnect your Tor circut or try the non-https site.

I really need to be less cheap about these things, sorry!


"You can achieve the desired output with the simple 'mississippi' function!"

I changed my mind about and you can read all my rock-solid arguments on my blog.



Nearly 100 Canadian dollars for the *kindle* edition? That's insane!

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Same location; 11 years apart. The Radio Canada International (RCI) towers have been gone since 2014. The barn collapsed during the winter. Hundreds of these barns once dotted the landscape a century ago. Only a few now remain. (Note: Wider lens in the followup shot)

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Things to do:
- Learn a new programming language
- Practice chopsticks
- Learn new knots
- Go over Cyrillic AGAIN
- gardening and composting
- Follow more Germans
- Finish weird usb flashlight proj
- Bake more bread
- Leer más español y francés

Encore deux semaines avant le début des travaux...

Oh. And that Yamaha PSR-150. I bought it with a Casio for 20$ total. I repaired both. I gave one to the kids. The other just taunts me to learn...

I may need another virus. Covid19 may not be enough!


You don't want to be on Grandma's bad side when the apocalypse hits!


When I see Spanish or Italian posted on my home timeline, it's a good reminder that I need to learn Spanish or Italian.

Using one account for both languages should be fine!

re: Weird Game Idea: Budgetscape 

When you see the number 112, you read it as:


Emacs is pretty much the *only* way to Lisp, despite what newer Lisp IDE's tell you.


I agree. Sometimes I don't like / boost a status because "I already liked their last two posts and I don't want to be weird"!


There are so few good methods of learning new languages! I know of Duolingo and that's about it.

I want to start a series (or database) of TXT files that just kind of talk about the semantics and grammars of different languages. That way you could read them on any device (I was surprised something like that doesn't exist yet)

Right now the *best* and pretty much only way to learn a language, IMO, is from hardcopy books. It kind of stinks. Not the books, books smell nice, but the situation stinks.

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