That's absolutely awesome! An excellent series, too!!

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The gift I got yesterday that I was really happy about was from my dad. A copy of Donald Knuth's TAOCP, which he pointed out was slightly opened. I was told to look inside.

Thank you, mom and dad. I love you.

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Thursday night last was my fortnightly visit to the farm gate with the recycle bins, and I have a lot of very nice photos to show for it: in fact too many to show in just one post.

I went up early to avoid having to do so in the dark and on arriving at the top ridge was met with a brilliant sun, partially hidden behind heavy clouds, creating a very interesting and rapidly changing scene.

#photos #sunsets #clouds #silhouettes

Hey you, yeah you! Give me links to cool ! Especially yours!

Although ngl pumpkin spice lattes are like, really good

Write PSL while drinking PSL for the max PSL experience

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Tired: Pumpkin spice latte

Wired: Portable Standard

"File Tree Walk" (ftw) looks like it's exactly what I need to clean up the code in a whole bunch.

Just gotta figure out how to use it. Also, in the meantime, I'll probably do a little conversion of (now known as ) from Chibi to just because I know it better...

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@seek @tty

CRT monitors are super cute. I still watch VHS tapes on a CRT TV because uuuhhhhb I'm a hipster I guess, haha!

To be fair, CRT displays are HUNGRY for power, so I don't mind the fact that they're less common, but good luck finding one!!

@merazi @mntmn yesss the reform looks so cool! Out of my budget right now, but something to keep in mind.

Speaking of mnt, I should fork my old interscheme code. That was a cute project, honestly!

@seek @tty yesss thank you! It wasn't originally mine. I got it at a thrift store for $5.

It has a Celeron sticker on the case, but a Pentium inside, and the RAM sticks are all from different brands. I'm certain that this was a well-loved machine back in the day, just as it still is now!

Ahhhh I want Guix 1.3 but it's not updating.

load-thunk-from-memory: Incompatible bytecode version.

Well huh. I might just have to re-install the darned thing

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Sooooo.... I made some sort of website! (It is in spanish tho)

Here's the link in case you wanna see it: merazi.codeberg.page/



So I gotta find some netting for those poor peas, and I've been told that my tomatoes are way too close together, but yeah things /should/ be okay other than that?

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trying to transplant some stuff today. it was hard cause i put too many seeds in each seedling planter, but hopefully they survive!

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"Autumn Leaves" by Ryo Fukui

Been listening to this artist a lot more. Super nice. Thanks, merazi!


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