I love how online stores have "share this purchase!"

Like, imagine receiving an email from a friend that just says "I have just purchased X from the online retailer example.com! Wowee!"


"My newest invention... Websites in a box!!!"

-Whoever made epub, probably

I mean, Pass *is* usable, I'm just really bad at using it.

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can not be changed after setting them once, making my multi-account management in rmail kinda "meh".

Sent a bug report, but I might be able to hack around enough in sendmail.el to see why it does that.

It's just a string variable, after all!

I just want things to work :blobcatcry:

Although I'll admit, the symbolic icon pack sure *looks* modern. I wouldn't mind a "Symbolic Colour" set, but I mean, I never contribute to the project, so I won't complain.

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Alright. Going back to the "Colour" icon pack for

Too much time has been spent going "Uuuuuhhhhhh", trying to find the right tool when they're all the same tone & colour.

It's been years since I took one, but sometimes I still think about those excruciatingly long Stack Overflow surveys.

I've been using mode to organize my cooking recipes for the past few months.

My laptop only has a *bit* of flour in it. Also I'll post the orgfile online when it has a decent amount of content in it!

re: Looking for Polish speakers 


Sounds good! How do you want to get the scans?


The structure of the tags suggest it, honestly. It tends to promote <summary> and <link>, but putting an entire article requires some finagling (in my experience).

Mirrage is the one client I didn't try yet, haha!

Honestly I just started writing my own with fltk so that people with low-end hardware will at least have one option!

But we'll see how far I make it with that.

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@ademalsasa@floss.social I root for xmpp, use it myself and try to use with as many people as I can

Question about /

... Kinda feel dumb...

So, it looks to me like feeds are only supposed to contain a *summary* of the article, and a link to the full version online?

I sort of just hack around so that my entire article gets slapped into your reader, but I'm just starting to realize that that's probably not how it's intended to work...


No. In fact I'm on Linux Mint. It could just be the server I use, too (one of my accounts is on hackerspaces.be, which might be just a *bit* far from me, physically).

One thing I wouldn't mind is support for multiple accounts (which NeoChat looks like it has, so at least Matrix clients are progressing a *bit*!)


Aw yeeeeeah! Hard to hack when I'm grooving so hard, but I can definitely see the potential

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matrix (shitpost) 

Matrix (n): a protocol that everyone recommends you use in the hopes that one day you too shall sit quietly and expectantly waiting for someone else you know to also start using it.

(All replies to this toot must be via Matrix. I don't make the rules).

Not to insult the devs or anything. It's just an early release and there's bound to be some bugs.

Also I kinda have a thing against matrix because no client I ever used worked on my computer.

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