I've noticed that my behavior has been less introverted & more anti-social lately.

Although I'd love to just shut myself away & study, I'm actually going to try cutting down on my screen time. Maybe take a break from the Internet, get out of bed, take a shower, go for a walk (things like that).

Be back in 2 weeks (I can't do a whole month)

@dansup @admin

They're right, you can just block Gab. Sorry, I'm out of the loop. Why are the replies in the screenshot considered bad?


That would be nice! My brother really wants a sane music sharing platform.

Doesn't funkwhale.audio already do something like that?

someone should create a Federated GNU FM alternative

Sawv is the kind of person that makes me go "Jeez, that's what *I've* been trying to say!"

There's something really well-done about this creator's site.


July 5th is the new April 1st.

Mozilla is an "Internet villain" because their DNS over HTTPS idea bypasses the UK's bogus filtering obligation laws.

(Saw it as a popular link on Reddit. I have never heard of ISPAUK before.)



This site depicts how I feel doing anything at all on the Web.

"Modern computers have so much memory that optimization doesn't matter anymore"

- Just about every C++ book author.



Somewhat related:

I saw a picture online of a rice recipe. It was in two languages, but each language had different instructions on how to Cook the rice (because each nationality prefers their rice differently).

I just thought it was cool!

I wasn't very productive today, so I moved my bed 90% (parallel with the window) and now I have that "all in a day's work" feeling.

It's kind of cheeting, but eh.

Hello world! (Yes, it was too damn predictable I would repeat this classic over here.

First toot ladies and gents.

Cloudflare is having a major outage. My company's applications are inaccessible. Some other web applications that my team uses like InVision are down. Even cloudflare.com is down. Yay centralization!


I remember laughing at the line "Go make people eat fries!" but I don't really remember the episode outside of that.

I suppressed the Uncle Grandpa episode. Thanks, @er1n!

Agh. I suck at audio/graphics programming, and am not very interested in video games anymore, but I still love rhythm games (like the ones Konami makes).

I feel like it would be a waste of time, but maybe I'll see if I can prototype a Free Software clone of Popp'n Music (kind of like what StepMania did to DDR)

I need to study more, too.

Nonlinear algorithms go right over my head.

As far as I'm concerned...
šŸŽ¶You put one instruction in front of the other, and soon you'll be trough the output portšŸŽµ

I cut contact with a lot of my IRL friends. I feel like they see talking to me as some kind of chore & I don't want them to be uncomfortable.

It's been raining a lot. Maybe it's affecting my mood. I'm not usually this emotional.


I don't know. He never said anything explicitly, but he accepted DM's for a while to talk about it. I had the opportunity but decided not to message him.

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