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Muto/Hurd πŸŽ€

I didn't know were a thing until today. They look nuts!


*Gets on bike*

I'mma go to America or wherever to find Ktsukik & have a good time! bye everyone! ✌️
🚴 πŸ’¨

Went for a walk today after the rainstorm. There's a certain high you can reach alone on a stone path surrounded by spruce trees after a good rain.

The world today: Get an 8GB drive for $5!

But the Fediverse is still like:


Right? This place looks insanely comfortable! I'd be completely fine with buying this house for a million dollars, going straight into debt hell, and then just relax here without electricity while the tax people get mad at me for the rest of my life.


Yes! I was *just* thinking this last night! πŸ‘


My version of the interjection speech:

What you are referring to as "GNU/Linux" is in fact, GNU.
There is no system but GNU & Linux is one of its kernels. πŸ‘Œ

I've come to the point where whenever I see an anime girl I instinctively assume it's a trap.
I'm probably right most of the time so it's alright.

That frustrating feeling when "Where did I put my wallet?" is not really a valid thing to search the web for.


Ahh that makes sense now! Thanks πŸ˜…


Well, if I install the 'guile-sdl' package with Guix, then download the source package of guile-sdl & try running:
(load "image.scm")

I get something across the lines of:
'Unbound variable: datafile'
along with a black box.

datafile is defined in the 'common' file, but (load "common") doesn't work for me.

The slideshow application from the manual works just fine though.

I can't figure out how to run any of the example programs in & it's making me feel dumb.

Examples are supposed to feel simple, cheesy & rewarding. πŸ§€

When I first saw the GitHub favicon, to me it looked like a bird flying (sort of like the Thunderbird logo)

Can anyone else see it?

DROP WARNING: Ethereum drops 7.0% in the last 1 days, is now 627.13 USD!

#ethereum #eth #cryptocurrencies #coins #coin

Photos from San Francisco have been developed! It felt like I shot a lot less but I was wrong. Here are some of the one's I like.