Fitting reference, as the "alt-write" joke sounds like something Disney's "new" Darth Vader would say!

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I like this one a lot (and I think I used it for a while one time). It's more calm than a lot of other GNU wallpapers.

In case anyone reading this isn't aware, the full sized wallpaper is at gnu.org/graphics/this-is-freed


I mean, I don't know why people think this is a horrible sight to behold. I personally love fast food (especially as opposed to traditional rich people food, like crab & oysters and parsley!)

But I'm not familiar with the context here.

It's always spooky when a GitHub project page displays "0 Contributors"


Maybe that's true. Sorry, it's been a while since I saw the movie. I'll watch it again sometime and look out for that sort of thing, thanks!


a relatively low speed collision between two genders is.... Show more

"It's not what good girls do"

You heard it from Katy Perry first — being gay makes you a bad person!

@Codeawayhaley @Laurelai

This is all subjective, though. I have no killer argument for how it's objectively bad!


Personally I didn't like it. All political views aside, this doesn't feel like Han's backstory. I can't quite say why... it just doesn't feel "right" to me. Maybe it's because Han as a character doesn't grow — he already has all of his skills right from the get-go.

Idk, the whole Disney Star Wars series doesn't have the same effect on me that the original 70's movies did... they leave a sour taste in my mouth.


@jeremiah @xahlee

Oh nuts, thanks!

There goes the next 4 days & 21 hours of my life!

Man, that is *packed* with pop culture references, but.... Where IS Waldo?🤔


I love this guy.

If you pick the highest donor, it's not exactly a random choice, right?

And yes, this has happened multiple times, not just today.

Sometimes I write really long posts, then delete them because they make no sense after I read them... even though I've been laughing at the punchline all day.

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