What the heck. No—one told me Stan Lee was dead...

But I'll definitely be there to greet him when he comes back!

To reiterate common knowledge:

is the "How do you do, fellow kids?" of software marketing.

is the "It's free real-estate" of portable program development.

There's a lot of talks about Scheme planned for 2019.

I just want to say - you know you're popular when you don't even have to use your last name and everyone still knows who you are.


Inspect element is super handy!

If this screenshot is on Firefox, there's that "reading mode" thing. The only time I really use it is to get rid of these dumb popups.



Aagh! But those leaves are so rubbery and touchable looking!!

This has to be some kind of... Troll plant or something.


That's pretty awesome! The tilt-shift style focus compliments 3D models a heck of a lot! I never thought about it before.

Red Berries.

Sony A7 ii again. Automatic settings. Edited slightly in . It's an older image I found while deleting trivial files on my drive. I kind of like it.


I already wrote down my code. Very helpful. Thanks, guys!👌


Pretty much. Not for me of course, but all the cool kids here do it 😉

I have a hunch that 90% of r/CSS_IRL is photoshopped.

There's an airplane in Osaka with my package in it and it's been sitting there for two weeks.

I'm in no hurry, but if you happen to be in the area and you know how to fly a plane...


Holy nuts, it's been quite a while since I favourited this post and yet here it is again on my timeline.

You've gone viral, Technomancy!

Not sure if it's a direct reference but...

The campfire scene during "Ruby Rider" in Steven universe is very reminiscent of the "Blue Shadows" scene from Three Amigos.

Just something I had to get off my chest.


"You are now entering... The Twilight Zone!"

*spooky music*


That's one tough titty!

My jokes have been getting duller, lately...



Thank you, Zipheir. This is exactly the point I was trying to make (except you worded it better).

YouTube should definitely have a right to block whoever, with their only consequence being the hatred of their peers.

Although it's totally true that I have no idea how copyright works, so thanks for specifying all that. 👍

This brick-laying guy is like the Bob Ross of... Bricks.⚒️

It's very satisfying to watch.


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