I want to ask my fediverse peeps for some support for buying a new computer

What should I use ?

Liberapay ?

Anything else ?



I've never transferred funds online before, sorry. I only know of , but I think there's some kind of hashtag like for this kind of thing. The people there might know of some other options.


Ask for help on the Fediverse. I have 5 or 10 bucks somewhere laying around I can send. Not quite enough for a repair/new PC alone, though.

Both my computers broke and I can't afford buying a new one right now

Should I ask for help on the fediverse ?


The poor robot is so confused it can't even draw a straight question mark!

Or maybe....

There's a little man on the other side who *is* drawing straight question marks 🤔

Also, sorry for spamming such long posts, too. This warm weather gets me writing. I'll try to shut up for a while 😅

Man, Springtime makes me want to do things, you know? Just... *Things*!

Over the past week I've made like 50 edits to the Wiki.

There's a good chance none of these changes are helping, and an even higher chance that they're actually making things *worse*, but you know...

"When you do things right, people won't be sure you've done anything at all"

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It is! I've been using on all my Hurd images because I just kind of /assumed/ at least *one* XFCE dependency wouldn't be installable!


Exactly. Speaking of which, *what* makes Emacs so big, anyway, if it isn't the .el's? The tar.gz for the Emacs source package clocks in at around 60MB, as opposed to, say, 's 1.5MB.

I haven't really gotten down & dirty with the Emacs source code, but from my experience it doesn't use static libraries.

Sorry. A few Web searches couldn't answer this for me.

I didn't even know was installable (and runnable) on Debian GNU/Hurd!

It works flawlessly (well, the file manager crashes) so far. Slow as heck on my QEMU image, but it's still really neat.

icons and the theme also work well.

As usual, I cannot easily startx as a non-root user. I need to look into this further.


But GNU's mirror, which many people deem as the "official" site for the Hurd, hasn't been updated it forever!

I guess it's okay if they want to be a mirror instead of a redirect, but it would be nice to have somewhat up-to-date info on Hurd.gnu.org
(even if it's just an annual 'git pull' 'git push' routine or something. The latest blog post is from December 2018, while GNU's version is still on 2016's post, making the software look abandoned!)

(Sorry for having to post this twice. I had to fix a stupid mistake. Man, my tootishness has been sub-par lately. Must be getting tired)

I feel like I should know this, but I really don't...

Why do we have:

gnu.org/software/hurd/ ?

I mean, they're not the same site. They both have separate Git repos (hurd-web.git), yet, when you press Edit on a page in hurd.gnu.org it redirects you to Darnassus! In my view, the whole *domain* hurd.gnu.org should be a redirect to Darnassus!


This is Quake, yes, sorry, I don't know my video games well (even though it explicitly says Quake on the title of their blog post!)


This is Quake, yes, sorry, I don't know my video games well (even though it explicitly says Quake on the title of their blog post!)

is trying to impress us with these " II With Ray Tracing" pictures, and, although I thought it was neat at first...

This is supposed to be HELL, not "A nice sunny day in the garden"!

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