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I love Guix's idea of transaction management and rollback. I look forward to see how this particular Linux Distribution is going to evolve. They are off to a good start!

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Surprisingly unsurprising.

The HK Police are turning into the antagonist of a cartoon - Their sole purpose is to be the bad guy & they don't exist outside of that role.

Religion (Joke) 




For example: girlcar, girlcity, girldick


I was going to respond "inb4 everyone gets pissed at this comic" but it looks like I'm too late.


TJX is just the parent of Winners & Marshalls (B-grade clothes stores for cheapskates like me).

I think I'll just head to bed today. I might be in com tomorrow, but ever since the time change I've just been feeling out of it!

Conspiracy (joke):

Every clothing company is actually a subsidiary of TJX and they pretend to be very high end to make you think you're getting a good price at Marshalls.


This happens too often! A lot of websites think *everyone's* main email account is gmail or yahoo. It gets ridiculous.


Yeah, I'm in E-ville (I got that from a novelty "Edmonton Slang book")

Yikes! I always thought Vancouver just got a dusting of snow every year!

On second thought... I'll unpack my bags. I think I'm good here ;-)


I *wish* it were raining here! Instead we have the white stuff.

Around this time of year it's really tempting to move to BC!


My older brother literally took a course on graphic novel (like, the study & interpretation of existing novels. I don't know about writing/creating them), so I think comics are essential for a college library!

My brother is having trouble setting up his dance pad for StepMania, so I tried fixing it.

Windows is just a cute little blob of half-assed security. I actually enjoyed working through it!

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I once met a boy who said "9 monitors is ideal" (for general everyday use).

He was stubborn & couldn't be talked out of it! I wonder what his parents' electrical bill looks like.

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How many monitors are attached to your home computer?

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