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I'm grateful to see that PHP 5 is being relegated to the dustbin, and that we're making some headway on fixing the issues of PHP.

I'm not a PHP developer in the slightest, but I do like it when things start trending upward.


Heh, well that's *one* use for it!

On a different note, at least Apple put the Control key in the right place!

I love this keyboard, but... *No-one* thought to put a key between CTRL and ALT? No-one?

Like, the guy making the design for the plastic mold was like "Yep, that big indent looks correct"

Guile, complaining 

Guile, complaining 


#| |#

Not #| #| like I wrote. I never get it right the first time in C, either. It's always */*/

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Trying to find stuff in the manual and discovered that Guile has block comment support.

(+ 2
#| This is a
multiline comment #|

I'll likely never use it, but it's cool.


Spook in reference to Haunt. Haunt's logo is a ghost, and ghosts are haunting, but also spooky.

My generator isn't based on Haunt's source code, but Haunt was a strong inspiration.

If I don't think of a better name, that is!

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Cleaned up the top of my server rack. Now I got more space for a total of 6 machines


While experimenting with SXML I wrote my own website generator that works pretty well (it only reads sxml, nothing else).

With a few extra abstractions it could easily be usable by other people. I'm thinking about migrating my website to it. If I ever get it cleaned up properly I'll put it on my Gitlab.

Maybe I'll call it "Spook" ;-)

Maybe it's Guile 3.0, but it looks like Haunt can't parse Skribe documents anymore.

It's okay, I'll fix everything later. It should be fine.

I like how Robin is supposed to be 8, but they got 21 year old Burt Ward to play the role the 1966 Batman movie. I mean that's still young, but come on.

On the topic, my favourite scene is when Batman doesn't let Robin into the bar (cause he's 8), but when Batman goes in alone, he drinks milk. There's something awesome about that.

When you're done chatting with someone online:

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I feel you with big cities though. I like cities, sure, but there's usually too much big business. That's why I love Radium.

When you go to Radium, there's not a Wal-Mart in sight! You know you live in a weird world when "Not seeing a Walmart" is a big deal!


Maybe LA. I kind of lump all the "Californian Places with palm trees" together.

Vancouver is really nice! I like the humidity, and the fact that it doesn't snow much so I wouldn't have to shovel! Of course, since it never gets too cold, there are big bugs. I'm too soft to handle big bugs!


Yeah it's weird, I always saw Vancouver as the bigger town!

I guess Toronto is Canada's New York, and Vancouver is our San Francisco!

Whenever I say "I'm from Canada", I often get "Oh, Toronto?" and I'm like "No, the other part of Canada"

But yeah, Calgary is Cow-town, Edmonton has a lot of New York parody names for some reason...

The population here is crazy diverse. A few ukranians but I wouldn't say there's a noticeable majority. Not that I stand around counting the types of people around, haha!


Thanks! Sometimes I try to make changes to my site, but it always ends up worse, which leads me to believe I have achieved aesthetic perfection.

Speaking of good websites, the philosopher at has a good one. I actually emailed them about it. Turns out they actually used my sites as inspiration. Figures!

Just be careful. My head can only get so big ;-)

I always enjoyed outdoor work. Lifting things, pulling things. Not that my noodle arms are ever any help, but it's a good workout nonetheless!

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