Would you say that Rust is better than C? Or is it somewhere between C & C++?

I've never written much in Rust besides a few "Hello, world!" programs and am wondering if I should pick it up.

I would code in unsafe Rust, rather than safe C++. 😛


Reminds me of an audio sketch I heard once about the law in the UK:

Burglar: "Hello, 911? Yeah, so, I broke into this house, and I decided I *do* want to rape, but the lady here, she's wearing - get this - a chastity belt!"

Police: "A *chastity belt?* That's awful! You just find a place to sit tight, we'll be right there with a squad car! Oh and find something to maintain that erection! Everything's going to be okay!"

Sure, there are a few packages that aren't entirely graceful (*cough* glibc *cough*), but not /all/ GNU code is bad!

I'm just saying this because the list at harmful.cat-v.org/software/ refers to GNU as "harmful software" (yes, *Nano!*)

(harmful = bloated)

Also, I guess is listed as harmful as well?🤔

There comes a point when you're not hating a product because it's bad, but because you don't like the person who made it.

(Next time in "Muto gets triggered over stupid things" ...)

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Oh yeah, it's (International Day Against DRM) again today.

I don't like DRM.

There - I said it. See you all next year.👍


I'm not sure what "looting" or "family dollar" mean, but this image disturbs me very much!

$2 is a bit much for water, even in Canada!

Reading Dante's Inferno. The first bit (Limbo) is well written, but to be honest it's probably comparable to a modern fanfiction about how "I died and while I was dead David Bowie introduced me to Elvis and Steve Jobs and we became best buds and threw a party"


Someone should revive that project, I know a load of musicians who would love a decentralized music hosting service!

I tried getting my brother on LibreFM, but he complained about the terrible frontend looking, feeling, and acting like crap, because... it kind of was.



Giant walking penis is a classic. Nothing else comes to mind....

Guile now has a JIT compiler that is about 80% faster than 2.2's VM. I hope to take it for a spin soon and run a 2D sprite rendering benchmark.



Woah, this setup makes it completely okay to literally lose your shit while playing games!

I... I'm going to sleep now nvm.


Oh yeah and I guess it doesn't quite let "Earth survive" Either 😅



Maybe humans will evolve into lava monsters by then & we can just make the sun our home.



Right? I thought maybe it was just LibreJS acting up but it turns out no scripts are being blocked at all!

Then I thought "Oh maybe it's an 'email me and we'll strike a deal' sort of thing" ... But there isn't any contact info either!

Something tells me either this site is really new or I'll have to have a chat with the redditor who came up with the plan 😅


Ha, ha! I remember talking with someone on Reddit about this, but I never knew they (or someone else) actually went and did it! Pretty hilarious, but I love it nonetheless!

(I mean, I ain't comfortable with giving my money to anyone who isn't directly related to the Hurd's development, it's the idea I like)

Ah! I can't gasp hard enough to express my surprise - Quantum has a pre-release you can download & test out!! 💖

(Now you have to specify when you ask me "Do you have ICQ?" 😉)



I never really thought about it. I haven't read the algorithm they wrote for this job, but I can assume a lot of it is simply "If JS code embedded in a website tries to make a request to any external domain, block it" or something or other (I have no idea how JS works, I just appreciate LibreJS and what it does, although i'm not too sure on the "how")

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