Skiing was great. I brought extra film, but forgot my camera. Also I had to renew my ID so I couldn't buy booze. Then I lost my wallet on the hill. Also the Tim Horton's sold dishwater coffee.

But the skiing was great!

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Most EeePC 900's didn't come with an SSD. Only the earlier models. Of course, they're all upgradable if you find the right adapters!

Someone wrote an article across the lines of "The Perfect System Administrator's Laptop", which was a proof-of-concept computer with features like a two-way HDMI port, colour co-ordinated keys, and a trackpoint instead of a touchpad to keep the size reasonably small. It looked pretty nice, actually (and it was at least as small as the eeepc)!


That is to say, the mere fact that the format has nothing to do with computers is refreshing in a world where nearly everything is digital!

Maybe I'm just a hipster 😅


>aren't you too young to fiddle with audio cassettes?

Kind of, I was around to see the death of cassettes at least.

My family had cassettes when I was growing up, so my siblings and I would play or record songs on them. When cassettes and VHS started to die out, they were usually cheap, which was good!

I do still like analog audio, though. When everything's digital, it's all made of the same stuff, but vinyl/cassettes are very unique, distinguished formats.


Legitimately thinking about ordering a hundred or so blank audio cassettes with custom J-cards, filling them with songs from the best Musicians here, and selling them as the .

I'd be lucky to break even, but it'd still be fun.

Yeah, Richard Smith is usually pretty on-the-ball regarding the news. I'm glad he doesn't try to sweep bad news under the rug.

I have a few Canadian priests. My primary priest (retired, but still serves now & then) is Canadian.

Although I don't usually ask priests where they were born, most of the ones here have Canadian accents, all but two who are Nigerian.

Critical Path by R. Buckminster Fuller is pretty okay so far.


"Look at all the data we collected from you last year! Pretty neat, right?"

Honestly, Google is getting even more ridiculous!

And to think "Don't be evil" used to be their slogan!

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I received an email from Google Maps

"A summary of your trips in 2019"

It's astonishing

There' s all, from small details like trips to the movies and meeting with people, trips to the beach, the trips to the sessions with my therapist

to medium trips like rides in Apulia with a friend last summer

to more subsantial travels: to Frankfurt, Athens, Palermo, Reggio Calabria

it's breathtaking



I'll have to remember that for my next vacation, thanks!

I'm with you on the scenery. Alberta's nothing special, but I'm jealous of BC's huge, *huge* trees! The moisture probably does a number on the plantlife over there.
I went hiking in Radium in the summer, and man, I wasn't used to the air being so heavy!

The city layout is okay, it just takes ages for anything to get developed.


I'm in Edmonton! I would never live with those barbarian Calgarians and their one-way streets! ;-)

Seriously though, I really like Calgary, and would be more than happy to move there if I get a call back for a job!

(I'm serious about the roads though, Calgary is a confusing place to drive in!)


No, it's just cheap cardboard. It feels like something that should be thrown out, but a lot of sleeves are foil or glossy or embossed and, well, it doesn't make sense to spend extra manufacturing something to look pretty if it's supposed to be thrown out!


Yeah, I'm spoiled over here! They even clear the streets way out here on the edge of the city!

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I studied Philosophy and German literature. I live in Germany. I am interested in and . Also I look for connection to interesting and nice people I can learn from in . I love .


So we know at LEAST 750 million parents give their kids YouTube because they don't want to deal with their kids.

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