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This is the second time the support team has gone above & beyond to help me out! I have never had a better experience with ANY other support team (offline or online) 👍


You really shouldn't be boasting about these sorts of things, bad people (/totally/ not me!) will end up finding your location & stealing it at night!

😏 👌

Want to have a good time? Go watch a foreign video on YouTube then turn on "Generate subtitles" to get some great Engrish.👌


Actually I'm with my family until I can find a job in this economy (they're too kind but they're getting impatient with me 😅)


"Super Smash Brothers". That's the Nintendo video game I play too often

Well I mean, that was months ago, but some of those challenges are haaard!!

From outside of the room I can hear:


Ah yes, someone's playing "Event Mode" in Super Smash Bros. again 👌

is cool and all, but...

Oh wait, that's right - there is no "but" 🤔


Right? To take it a step further, don't you just love it when JS exists at all? It's fannnnnnTASTIC when nothing works! 👌

don't you love it when #JavaScript programmers reimplement text input fields badly? 🙃

#web #tumblr #frontend

For my #FF Follow Friday, I'm tagging, @omnipotens @HexDSL @hamishtpb @popey @cameron

Follow these chaps if you enjoy good :linux: #Linux :linuxrocks: banter.


Agh, that's always tough 😩

*salutes*, but your efforts will not be forgotten!


When I'm feeling unproductive I go to @meirl & scroll down for a while, then when I look up at the clock it's already tomorrow! Oh wait... That doesn't help.

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That's the snazziest string of text I've ever seen!!

I've come to the point where I can play an AAA title video game and think to myself:

"It would save a lot of CPU power to cut down on (so-and-so animation/effect)... In fact, The entire game could be built with no textures, no anti-aliasing, and just be built from polygons & basic cell-shading."

But then I tell myself how stupid I am, and that the game should be treated as a piece of art rather than a computer program, that way I have a lot more fun playing them.👌 🎮


I just disabled gif playback altogether in my browser. I feel like they make load-time longer & I never watch them anyway 😅

Getting in the habit of using tor for all web browsing I can.

Cloudflare is, as expected, a f*!%ing annoyance tho