There are two types of that I can really, really respect.

1) Slice-of-life photography. Not just street photography, but simple things like raindrops on a bedroom window, or a streetlight glow on a stormy night. It's the type of vibe I could never capture.

2) Photos of human beings. Don't ask me to take your picture, cause you'll look at it and be like "am I that ugly?" but it's not you, it's me because I can't shoot a camera!

I just bought some 35mm for my . I haven't put it in my camera yet.

I decided to make a account at @MutoShack just so all my pictures are easier to find.

I'm not going to spam the server with photos. I'll put like one up per day.

Been trying to figure out how to use some of 's filters.
I implemented the logo into some of my old and uploaded them to a repository at:

It's crazy how accessible GIMP makes these features!

I haven't always had the best of luck with out-of-focus photography, but this one's nice.
For something that's supposed to be blurred, it came out satisfyingly sharp.

Red Berries.

Sony A7 ii again. Automatic settings. Edited slightly in . It's an older image I found while deleting trivial files on my drive. I kind of like it.

Simply by chance I found this place.

My entire life I have had a memory from this place, standing by these trees, but I always thought "It must be from a dream, or even a vision of an afterlife, but this cannot be a place on Earth"

I asked my dad & he assured me he took me here when I was 4. You have no idea how much this means to me - I've been searching my entire life in hopes of finding this place again. It's just as calming & meditational now as it was then.

- Very high contrast + large triangular mosaic filter + landscape photos make for some cool modern wallpapers.

I personally like the realistic ones but if I was making a scifi movie then I'd go with the mosaic.
(Resolution downscaled by Mastodon. Ask me if you want a full-sized version. I should really get a for this stuff)

Bird Sanctuary again, but this time all the photos were taken with a new expensive camera (Sony A7 ii. Not mine, but it was a joy to use). I kept it on "auto-everything" but the photos still turned out well.

I take waaaay too many photos of trees, but for some reason I feel like this one has more of an emotional impact than the rest (at least for me). It turned out nice, it's also my current wallpaper.

Just got the new roll developed. I took another walk in the bird sanctuary. I used new film instead of the old stuff this time around.

📷 Photos got developed today! It's hard to work with grainy film, but they turned out alright! Here are some cityscape shots of Edmonton, Alberta.

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