update: pics developed, but they are way too faded & i have to edit the heck out of them in order to pull out any kind of meaningful detail.

overall, muto is sad.

(maybe )

The film is all done drying! Okay, I had a really hard time with it so there's a bunch fo scratches n stuff on it.

Honestly I *like* the "scratched-up film" vibe, but I wouldn't do it on purpose.

Just some pics for now. I'll post more at @MutoShack

Film stuff came in, so I tried mixing some !

I shot 2 rolls of 400 (Ilford's cheapskate line of film).

Developed for 11:30 just as a guess. It looks like they survived the process, so I'm super happy about that!

This isn't actually grey. It's blue with a bit of dust on it!

For real though, someone in my family used to teach and had this thing laying around for ages so they gave it to me. Hopefully I can mount it and print something soon enough!

My two cents, this this is big and heavy and I wouldn't pay for it. Not cause it's not worth it, but because I'm a consumer, not a professional, so having industrial equipment like this is kind of overkill.

As unworthy as I am, I'm totally going to use the crap out of this thing!

Got two rolls of pictures developed. They do this thing called "yellow tags", where if a developer or inspector thinks a picture is especially good, they fold a yellow piece of paper around it.

It's just to get people to buy large prints, sure, but it's still a cute idea. I like it.

I've only gotten 1 yellow tag before, but in this batch alone they gave me 5 *AND* a little note! I'm happy, & my head dangerously big right now. :)

There are two types of that I can really, really respect.

1) Slice-of-life photography. Not just street photography, but simple things like raindrops on a bedroom window, or a streetlight glow on a stormy night. It's the type of vibe I could never capture.

2) Photos of human beings. Don't ask me to take your picture, cause you'll look at it and be like "am I that ugly?" but it's not you, it's me because I can't shoot a camera!

I just bought some 35mm for my . I haven't put it in my camera yet.

I decided to make a account at @MutoShack just so all my pictures are easier to find.

I'm not going to spam the server with photos. I'll put like one up per day.

Been trying to figure out how to use some of 's filters.
I implemented the logo into some of my old and uploaded them to a repository at:

It's crazy how accessible GIMP makes these features!

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