Briefly mentioning because I tried it and it's not half as half-baked as I thought it would be.

Is there a way to convert the string:
to the list
(1 2 3)
in ?

There seems to be no primitive function or module that does this.

I really like the README file for the bindings.

Particularly I like the complete list of SDL functions & whether or not they're available. It lets users know exactly where work needs to be done.

I don't think the bindings have this kind of table anywhere (there's a TODO section, but that doesn't tell us what *is* available).

I understand that the SDL-2 bindings are way more important, but I'd still like a full set of SDL 1.2 bindings, if just fort the sake of completion.

I'm glad and exist, cause they give me an insight on how to use the web modules.

I'm planning on making a forum software package in Guile because I want to better understand how Guile can be used in a client/server sort of way.

It'll either be half-baked or totally non-existent, but it's another project I'll add to the bin.

I really wish got as much love as

I have nothing crazy to say *about* . I just want to mention it, & that it's a cool idea.

Thanks, BT Templeton 👍

"Immutable PONG"

Not my code, but it still runs & is good to read through.

Been trying to get back into the habit of writing code again. I still want to learn Activtypub properly.

You know, has that nice "We came up with the name first, then gave it an acronym later" vibe.

These bindings seemingly have no way to access


It's already tomorrow. I should sleep.

On a similar note, is very, *very* smooth.

IMO, a project shouldn't be called "alpha" if it makes the user feel like a godly wizard.

Since I've been struggling to understand them for quite some time now, I've written an article about Guile-OpenGL. The bindings aren't particularly challenging to figure out, but there are so few articles about them and I haven't uploaded in ages.

Yes, indeed. Things still don't work well but at least it runs the way I expect it to (more or less).

Okay cool. So apparently all the values have been renamed to lowercase-hyphen instead of UPPERCASE_UNDERSCORE. Guess that makes it more lispy by convention.

(glEnable fog)
still does not work, since fog is only an argument to

(enable-cap fog)
returns a numerical value 2912, so

(glEnable (enable-cap fog))
or even
(glEnable 2912)
works correctly.

The "Low-level" module for -
(gl low-level)
- Sure has some... "Meh" documentation.

(glEnable) is recognized but requires a single argument, so I try to enable GL_FOG:

(glEnable GL_FOG)
;;Doesn't work
(glEnable (GL_FOG))
(glEnable 'GL_FOG)

Apparently none work since GL_FOG is not defined in the bindings, or maybe (likely) I'm just not that bright.

I'm unsure as to whether I'm asking for help or just venting right now.

(random) is an interesting function.

Is there a way to change the default range of random?

For instance, to make (random 10) output a random number between -20 and +10

In other words, is there a way to include negative *and* positive numbers in random? I know I can do
(- (random 10))
but this only outputs a random negative number.

I currently only have a sloppy work-around for this problem.

A joke about the kids you see on places like Tumblr.

The code is what they say, but their implication is the program's output.

I'm not doing a good job figuring out shading in OpenGL, so I might just play it dirty & let C++ do the shading while Guile does all the shape drawing (for now, at least).

Also I guess I should actually just define a macro instead of doing (primitive-eval) for the random colours. From what I've heard, the way I've been doing it lately isn't good practice.

Also, I'm not the best at reading documentation or source code....

How the nuts can I create lighting/shading in ?

Was thinking about doing some in C... But I don't think /usr/include is actually in my environment variables & those variables are all tangled up. I'm scared to add/remove anything from there so I'll just stick with for now.

What bugs me though is knowing that I *can* fix it, yet I'm so lazy that I'm telling myself "Nah, it's... Too dangerous to edit /that/ rc file!"

Sometimes taking the "easy way out" just means to refuse to do things 👌

I'm really behind in the news.

2.2.4 & 0.15 released 🙌 👌 🤯

I can't figure out how to run any of the example programs in & it's making me feel dumb.

Examples are supposed to feel simple, cheesy & rewarding. 🧀

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