"File Tree Walk" (ftw) looks like it's exactly what I need to clean up the code in a whole bunch.

Just gotta figure out how to use it. Also, in the meantime, I'll probably do a little conversion of (now known as ) from Chibi to just because I know it better...

Okay I'm going to bed. Just wanted to say I've been working hard trying to /kind of sort of/ clean up my 2018 / intro:


Still needs a lot of work. Heck, it was messy!

Coloured output is nice sometimes, and I just noticed supports \x1B hex ANSI colour escape sequences (or whatever it's called), so that's nice!


"Blessed is the man in whose spirit there is no guile"
-Psalms 32:2

Well crap.

So far so good. The recursive SXML->XML functionality is working the way I want it!

Next up, the blog index, followed by, dare I say it... Interface programming *shivers*

(name subject to change)

Trying to find stuff in the manual and discovered that Guile has block comment support.

(+ 2
#| This is a
multiline comment #|

I'll likely never use it, but it's cool.

Hoooboy. Okay I finally cleaned up and now the "next/prev" buttons work *properly*, as does the description file.

update. Thumbnails are now actually thumbnails (thanks, ImageMagick).

Support for image titles and descriptions were added.

It's all very, very hacky. I'll redesign some functions later. I'm pooped right now.

When you have your own website, you don't have to worry about being banned for crappy, useless content.

On a /completely unrelated/ note, I wrote about (using )


For my projects I modified the original module for prettier printing (no indentation, but newlines between tags at least).
I also added support for comments in sxml->xml so that ends that.

I can't for the love of god figure out what the / equivalent is to XML's <!-- comment --> tags, or how to properly define my own, since sxml->xml transforms all "< >" characters to "&lt; &rt;".

I'm going to take a break from that now, though.

Briefly mentioning because I tried it and it's not half as half-baked as I thought it would be.


Is there a way to convert the string:
to the list
(1 2 3)
in ?

There seems to be no primitive function or module that does this.

I really like the README file for the bindings.

Particularly I like the complete list of SDL functions & whether or not they're available. It lets users know exactly where work needs to be done.

I don't think the bindings have this kind of table anywhere (there's a TODO section, but that doesn't tell us what *is* available).

I understand that the SDL-2 bindings are way more important, but I'd still like a full set of SDL 1.2 bindings, if just fort the sake of completion.

I'm glad and exist, cause they give me an insight on how to use the web modules.

I'm planning on making a forum software package in Guile because I want to better understand how Guile can be used in a client/server sort of way.

It'll either be half-baked or totally non-existent, but it's another project I'll add to the bin.

I really wish got as much love as

I have nothing crazy to say *about* . I just want to mention it, & that it's a cool idea.

Thanks, BT Templeton 👍

"Immutable PONG"

Not my code, but it still runs & is good to read through.

Been trying to get back into the habit of writing code again. I still want to learn Activtypub properly.


You know, has that nice "We came up with the name first, then gave it an acronym later" vibe.

These bindings seemingly have no way to access


It's already tomorrow. I should sleep.

On a similar note, is very, *very* smooth.

IMO, a project shouldn't be called "alpha" if it makes the user feel like a godly wizard.

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