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This is the second time the support team has gone above & beyond to help me out! I have never had a better experience with ANY other support team (offline or online) 👍

Want to have a good time? Go watch a foreign video on YouTube then turn on "Generate subtitles" to get some great Engrish.👌

A weekend project. 👍

Painted the home office/studio a weird green. We both agreed that "it /looks/ like it /should/ be an ugly colour, but somehow it's nice". "forest-y" is the vibe I'm getting. 🌲

Still need to touch up a few bits but so far I think it's

Since I'm not mean, I'm not going to call this person daft to their face. Instead I''ll do so indirectly here on the Fediverse.

I live by the "GNU/Linux" (sometimes just "GNU") convention, but I don't care if you call it "Linux". I really don't have any words for this one.

Don't @ me. Show more

I bought a mouse from maybe half a year ago, and the scroll wheel has been acting up (no abuse has been done to the mouse). Compressed air did nothing.

I contacted them about this & they want me to install Synapse for what is clearly a hardware issue.

I never really liked them, but the headphones I got from them held up pretty well (still going good after 4 years) so I thought a mouse would also be durable.... I guess not.

Took all day (one of the joys of being ), but I finally finished this.

Some leftover wood, fabric & cable management so I made a home for my consoles that finally feels "right".
(I did the thing with the twine because I like shelves that hang like that, but I'll probably end up removing it.)🕹️

I'm not in the industry or anything, but I think most men (not just soyboys) would look pretty hot rocking a skater skirt. 🤔

There is a God after all - and his name is Tanu Kaskinen!
(From 12.0 release notes)

I take waaaay too many photos of trees, but for some reason I feel like this one has more of an emotional impact than the rest (at least for me). It turned out nice, it's also my current wallpaper.

Sony's E3 livestream yesterday was.... Something

Tfw you're in heaven so you go to the guy at the till all like "where's the manager?"

Images without context:

This one is from a course on
"IT Essentials"

"Computers are god at knowing what we want now!"


Photos from San Francisco have been developed! It felt like I shot a lot less but I was wrong. Here are some of the one's I like.

Alrighty... When I use a installed program under Linux , it seems like the GTK theme (Mint-Y) is all messed up! This is only for Guix programs, not APT installed ones.

Adwaita works fine, but not Mint-X or Y.

See a screenshot. All the contents are squished close together. Is there an environment variable I should set?

Some more OpenGL, this time with incremental rotation. Anyway I'm done now. Time to go back to working with GTK again.

Me: I don't understand recursion.


So I spent a day with bindings.

I made... Well, something or other. I always thought the mixture between right-brained artistic expression & left-brained procedural expression was really cool.

When I first read the description for "Kitty is Not a Cat", I thought "Is this more Australian progressive left propaganda marketed towards kids?" But I was mistaken. This show is beautifully written & animated (reminiscent of "Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends") and is possibly the best kids cartoon of its era (best cartoon of all time is debatable, but I leave that title with OTGW)

Why did I watch a kids show about cats, you might ask? Because I'm a grown-up & I can do what I want. 🐱