This isn't actually grey. It's blue with a bit of dust on it!

For real though, someone in my family used to teach and had this thing laying around for ages so they gave it to me. Hopefully I can mount it and print something soon enough!

My two cents, this this is big and heavy and I wouldn't pay for it. Not cause it's not worth it, but because I'm a consumer, not a professional, so having industrial equipment like this is kind of overkill.

As unworthy as I am, I'm totally going to use the crap out of this thing!

The command module interior looks really comfy in the illustration, honestly!

The real life version, not so much.

Haven't been doing much programming lately. Meh.

In positive news though, @RavingKain and I are making another low-quality improv bluescreen skit!

Did some work on the logo for Vintage Satellite. I like it a bit better now!

Once again I fell into the hole of theming & customization. It's a deep hole.

Oh yeah, I said I'd post pictures from inside. Here they are, a little late. It's gorgeous in here! Whoever owned this thing probably loved it.

Got two rolls of pictures developed. They do this thing called "yellow tags", where if a developer or inspector thinks a picture is especially good, they fold a yellow piece of paper around it.

It's just to get people to buy large prints, sure, but it's still a cute idea. I like it.

I've only gotten 1 yellow tag before, but in this batch alone they gave me 5 *AND* a little note! I'm happy, & my head dangerously big right now. :)

Happy to report the installation went well!

There are no cat ports upstairs, so I'm stranded offline, but that's okay. It's a good excuse to practice vi.

Here's the machine. Look at the lights under the power button. That's just- That's the coolest thing ever!

I'll put these, along with some shots of the guts, on my pixelfed later today.

Coloured output is nice sometimes, and I just noticed supports \x1B hex ANSI colour escape sequences (or whatever it's called), so that's nice!


Man, the *original* studio recording of this song is awesome.

"Beady Eyes on the Horizon"

They say "It's like riding a bike - you never forget!"

But *nothing's* coming back to me. It's been fun so far anyway, though!

On the bottom of my mouse there's a US patent number, and searching for it brings me to this lil guy

Ah yes, Abe Lincoln just hanging out with his babes on my timeline.

So far so good. The recursive SXML->XML functionality is working the way I want it!

Next up, the blog index, followed by, dare I say it... Interface programming *shivers*

(name subject to change)

I love this keyboard, but... *No-one* thought to put a key between CTRL and ALT? No-one?

Like, the guy making the design for the plastic mold was like "Yep, that big indent looks correct"

Continuing on Maritime Flags (also sometimes regarded as "Nautical Flag Signs")...

The Krusty Krab from Spongebob has some hanging on the front, but they spell out:

The center flag doesn't even exist in the list of Nautical flags, so you could say that it's....

Nautical Nonsense.

In International Maritime Flag Signals, this yellow/blue flag (aside from just being the letter "K") means "I want to communicate with you".

I just thought that was kind of cute.

User trying to reproduce a bug for a developer. 2020, colorized.

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