VideoLAN's Twitter background image is a Day of the Tentacle reference and that's pretty great.

Giving my "The best of..." albums some custom cover art because they didn't come with any.

An alphanumeric converter in Guile, finished in a day thanks to a solution by cwebber:

Today I wrote a script that renames files based on their Vorbis Comment metadata.

Teams Gives me a "No such organization" error on login. I hope this isn't because I'm using !

Also I don't think "Organization" should be capitalized, but that's less important.

While looking for IEEE 1003 I happened upon RFC 1003, which I guess is just a lost science fiction novel.

I don't really play games, and I know last year I said I'd never get one of these, but... It was $10 at the thrift store.

It's no MC2, either. This thing's got metal, weight, & resistance.

It's oddly solid compared to other gaming peripherals of the 90's (it's USB, too!)

"Distributed Arcade", an experimental concept for arcade managers that I will definitely never try, since I don't know the first thing about arcades or management.

You know, I never really mentioned before, but can I just say that it's really really really good?

Because it's pretty darn good. It's like GUI but without the bad parts.

Also, these example programs are too good.

It's September 1st. Close enough to Autumn.

My Halloween theme is live, along with a new article! 🎃 🍂

Someone on here said something about "non-tech mailing lists"

I was talking a while ago about missing forum sites.

There's probably a reason this hasn't been done, but...

What if there was this forum-ish website software, where, instead of using your email to make an account, sending an email is the way you reply to a thread in a collection of "topics" (each "topic" is its own mailing list)

Sometimes pictures speak louder than words (another . This one's about )

The website for Oikospiel is the stuff of dreams. This is how is *supposed* to be used. I actually *like* the JS on this site (yes, me!)
The is super simple, too.
I'm so sad the game isn't available on / , though (I really like David Kanaga's music).

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