I didn't even know was installable (and runnable) on Debian GNU/Hurd!

It works flawlessly (well, the file manager crashes) so far. Slow as heck on my QEMU image, but it's still really neat.

icons and the theme also work well.

As usual, I cannot easily startx as a non-root user. I need to look into this further.

is trying to impress us with these " II With Ray Tracing" pictures, and, although I thought it was neat at first...

This is supposed to be HELL, not "A nice sunny day in the garden"!

Old is the best, but one of my favourite episodes, strangely, is a newer one:

Squidward in Clarinetland.

Jeremiah & Gemlog directed me to some good learning resources.

I was able to redraw the logo with my own ugly-ass gradients & colours!

Give me a few months with this program & I'll probably be able to make something that looks good!

Having fun so far. 👍

Been trying to figure out how to use some of 's filters.
I implemented the logo into some of my old and uploaded them to a repository at:

It's crazy how accessible GIMP makes these features!

You know, flash/stick MP3 players are cool. I know everyone just has a mobile phone now, which killed the MP3 player industry, but I still think it'd be cool to have, say, a fancy flash player updated with modern technology.

I have talked with a few people IRL who say they miss having a modern, quality MP3 player. I also miss MP3 players (nowadays would be called OGG players), but more specifically, I miss THESE players!

Pictured, in order, are:
Sony NWZ-B183F
Philips SA2325

Went skiing at Marmot Basin, but since I stopped shooting (film development is too much $) I have 0 photographic evidence of it, your honour.

Probably for the best. It was cloudy anyway.
Take this image from a few years ago for reference.

This sad comment in the 's local.css is the reason I study web styling.

Been studying up on recently, but I took a break on the weekend to modify the in my website (currently not being hosted anymore. I'm going to the bank as soon as it gets warmer out).

Thanks to David's 'guile-syntax-highlight' program, the code snippets are now highlighted! Also the entire site is generated by Haunt, rather than just the blog posts.

I'm beginning to hate CSS.

*Logs in to any Google-related account on literally any device*


Today I got the Nortel speaker working as a mic. Tonight I'll try writing something & tomorrow will be recording day.

So hired this 11 year old to make their atom.io website. I especially like the fact that the screenshots are heavily tinted different colours and don't give me an accurate representation of what the program looks like. Really adds a nice touch.

This isn't a big deal, but it leaves a sour taste in my mouth. At least no-one uses Atom.

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