They're literally selling the antichrist as a book. Clever!

Bit of a jam with RavingKain. I played bass, he played guitar. His pedal had a drumloop going and I slapped some old poetry onto it afterwards.

I'm obviously not a musician, but it was fun to take a break for a while!

Just spent the day working on @RavingKain's website. Looking pretty okay so far!

(Needs work on mobile but eh, some other day)

Man I guess I've been *really* indecisive about my terminal preferences this year.

(maybe )

The film is all done drying! Okay, I had a really hard time with it so there's a bunch fo scratches n stuff on it.

Honestly I *like* the "scratched-up film" vibe, but I wouldn't do it on purpose.

Just some pics for now. I'll post more at @MutoShack

I had this dream last night where there were a bunch of birds with big muscle arms, and this guy was looking away from the birds, but whenever he looked at the birds the muscle arms turned back into regular wings

I always thought the "ledge" in was a fence. I never understood why you can only jump over the fence one way.

I mean come on, that's a brown wooden fence!

It's veeeery hacky and I need to read up on how to make events happen without constantly going "Should that happen? No. Should that happen *now*? No. How about now? No" but so far it's been fun.

Basic dialogue is down. I need to work on "yes/no" selection and inventory stuff. Not bad so far, though!

Little things 

I know it's a small detail, and I know it's not *that* impressive, but I want to make a shout out to this "One size fits all" example.

In order to point to the proper URL no matter what your architecture is, lets you copy/paste this line that uses different 'uname' flags to home in on your current system configuration so you don't have to know it yourself!

Again, it's trivial code and a tiny, tiny detail, but I really appreciate stuff like this. It doesn't take much to impress me.

Film stuff came in, so I tried mixing some !

I shot 2 rolls of 400 (Ilford's cheapskate line of film).

Developed for 11:30 just as a guess. It looks like they survived the process, so I'm super happy about that!

This isn't actually grey. It's blue with a bit of dust on it!

For real though, someone in my family used to teach and had this thing laying around for ages so they gave it to me. Hopefully I can mount it and print something soon enough!

My two cents, this this is big and heavy and I wouldn't pay for it. Not cause it's not worth it, but because I'm a consumer, not a professional, so having industrial equipment like this is kind of overkill.

As unworthy as I am, I'm totally going to use the crap out of this thing!

The command module interior looks really comfy in the illustration, honestly!

The real life version, not so much.

Haven't been doing much programming lately. Meh.

In positive news though, @RavingKain and I are making another low-quality improv bluescreen skit!

Did some work on the logo for Vintage Satellite. I like it a bit better now!

Once again I fell into the hole of theming & customization. It's a deep hole.

Oh yeah, I said I'd post pictures from inside. Here they are, a little late. It's gorgeous in here! Whoever owned this thing probably loved it.

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