The website for Oikospiel is the stuff of dreams. This is how is *supposed* to be used. I actually *like* the JS on this site (yes, me!)
The is super simple, too.
I'm so sad the game isn't available on / , though (I really like David Kanaga's music).

Built one! Still Can't do an Ollie, but it feels good to do something besides computer science for once.

(Of course, one of my main motives is to better understand how a piece of intelligence "unconsciously" learns new skills via repetition & negative reaction, so arguably this is just algorithm research)

I need looser-fitting pants.

I thought this guy was holding a juice box at first & I was totally sold.

When you assume your audience can do their own research, but realize almost immediately that they probably won't

(taken from 's install instructions)

The Backyard theme - A colour theme that only uses background colours (for when your current colour theme just isn't annoying enough)

Cleaning up & found that I still have my first computer program (C++). I wrote it long before I got my first computer.

Proud that I numbered my lines, but disappointed I didn't use different colored pens for syntax highlighting.

Sometime last year I got this china cabinet from my great uncle. It was nice but didn't come with the key, so I went out & found these little lion face knobs for the doors.

I'm just waiting for guix to upgrade my stuff, and am posting to pass the time (and I really like these knobs).

Also, and I usually don't say things like this, so it's a bit out of character, but does the sky in this shot say " "?

I'm unfamiliar with the flag pattern.

According to , it's ergonomically efficient to tilt your wrists *upward*!

I may not be an expert in ergonomics, but I strongly disagree with Asus. Upward-tilting keyboards are so the typist can see button labels, but they *DO* put strain on your wrists. Does anyone else have an opinion on this?

Screenshot taken from:

So far this is the latest version of my custom-made logo re-draw (in )

I didn't know you could just apply a "border-radius" to squares! I made it less symmetrical by shifting the outlines a little bit, and also rounded the edges. It looks less sharp now and more "squeezable".

The logo is now also just as wide as it is tall, so an exact square. Perfect for icons.

I didn't even know was installable (and runnable) on Debian GNU/Hurd!

It works flawlessly (well, the file manager crashes) so far. Slow as heck on my QEMU image, but it's still really neat.

icons and the theme also work well.

As usual, I cannot easily startx as a non-root user. I need to look into this further.

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