Ah! I can't gasp hard enough to express my surprise - Quantum has a pre-release you can download & test out!! 💖

(Now you have to specify when you ask me "Do you have ICQ?" 😉)


S... Sn... White stuff!

Nooo, Autumn isn't over yet!!

My personal alteration of gnu.org/s/hurd/local.css

I'm trying to make this stylesheet so that sections are more distinguishable and articles are more readable to me on a personal level. I never liked that weird "moving" thing the top bar did (you all know that annoying "moving" thing, right?) and the "news" section is actually in one piece more or less.

Nothing to write home about, but at least I did *something* today (I also gained some respect for ikiwiki )

Cause, you know... There are *totally* well-defined mountains and hills in these pictures.

"Operating Systems - Three Easy Pieces" is pretty professionally written, but every now & then it sure knows how to fire shots!

🔥 🔥 🔥

Simply by chance I found this place.

My entire life I have had a memory from this place, standing by these trees, but I always thought "It must be from a dream, or even a vision of an afterlife, but this cannot be a place on Earth"

I asked my dad & he assured me he took me here when I was 4. You have no idea how much this means to me - I've been searching my entire life in hopes of finding this place again. It's just as calming & meditational now as it was then.

"How to think way too hard about playing Minecraft (with pictures)"

- Very high contrast + large triangular mosaic filter + landscape photos make for some cool modern wallpapers.

I personally like the realistic ones but if I was making a scifi movie then I'd go with the mosaic.
(Resolution downscaled by Mastodon. Ask me if you want a full-sized version. I should really get a for this stuff)

Bird Sanctuary again, but this time all the photos were taken with a new expensive camera (Sony A7 ii. Not mine, but it was a joy to use). I kept it on "auto-everything" but the photos still turned out well.

From what I've heard, it's so here are two of my machines:

The first is whatever is left of my laptop computer.

The second is on because people still like to play Steam games on my PC (admittedly, I play them sometimes, too)

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How do I spend my Saturdays? By uh.... Working very hard and definitely not playing computer games 👌

I don't like YouTube much, but I **really** don't like the "recommended videos" sidebar!

And I ****REALLY**** don't like the "BRIGHT_SIDE" channel it keeps trying to get me to watch! I hate these titles, thumbnails, and especially the view count (all of their videos are like this)😭

When you don't comment your code & then come back to it a week later:

I'd like you all to meet my good friend - glibc 2.28!🙌

"Check out my cool new program/webapp!"

The fediverse:

"This non-existent library is a dependency! Or you could always just use the good old Electron app!"


Been trying some spritework & tilemapping. I am *not* one for designing any kind of front-end/spritework stuff.

I guess in there is no way to disable the "Reference Image" anti-aliasing (it's in the bug tracker).

I *did*, however, find which also has a package! So thanks to whoever made that program & thank you to whoever made the package!!💖

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