I love this keyboard, but... *No-one* thought to put a key between CTRL and ALT? No-one?

Like, the guy making the design for the plastic mold was like "Yep, that big indent looks correct"

Continuing on Maritime Flags (also sometimes regarded as "Nautical Flag Signs")...

The Krusty Krab from Spongebob has some hanging on the front, but they spell out:

The center flag doesn't even exist in the list of Nautical flags, so you could say that it's....

Nautical Nonsense.

In International Maritime Flag Signals, this yellow/blue flag (aside from just being the letter "K") means "I want to communicate with you".

I just thought that was kind of cute.

User trying to reproduce a bug for a developer. 2020, colorized.

This image pretty much sums up my understanding of America's current political situation.

Hoooboy. Okay I finally cleaned up and now the "next/prev" buttons work *properly*, as does the description file.

update. Thumbnails are now actually thumbnails (thanks, ImageMagick).

Support for image titles and descriptions were added.

It's all very, very hacky. I'll redesign some functions later. I'm pooped right now.

Testing out (sxml my-simple).

I built yet another webpage generator, this time with Guile, that creates an image gallery for all your pictures.

It's about as useless as it sounds.


For my projects I modified the original module for prettier printing (no indentation, but newlines between tags at least).
I also added support for comments in sxml->xml so that ends that.

The camera doesn't do a good job at picking up the CRT image, but you'll have to take my word for it. PS Vita games look great on an analog TV.


Since modern browsers handle plaintext horribly, I added the option to generate to HTML in Txtblog. It's not the worst.

It's been a looong time since I checked out the League of Moveable Type. I didn't even know they made a monospace font!

Very rarely do I like fonts that aren't DejaVu Sans Mono, and this is one of them.

In fact I like some stuff *better*, like the round instead of square dots, and the "too cool for school" lowercase "i".

I haven't tested it out yet, so I don't know how complete it is, but I like it.

This heccin' Onkyo AV receiver. All the fuses are fine. All the diodes and random junk look okay. After some messing around a light came on, but it still refuses to turn on completely.

I'll take the front panel off later, but ugh. I thought it would be something trivial.

I *finally* found a fully functional deck (and a receiver+tuner combo) from the thrift store.

It took about a million and a half alcohol-dipped cotton swabs to clean out the wells, but it runs great now.

Also happy valentines day (or I Love Free Software Day, if that's your shtick)!


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