This heccin' Onkyo AV receiver. All the fuses are fine. All the diodes and random junk look okay. After some messing around a light came on, but it still refuses to turn on completely.

I'll take the front panel off later, but ugh. I thought it would be something trivial.

I *finally* found a fully functional deck (and a receiver+tuner combo) from the thrift store.

It took about a million and a half alcohol-dipped cotton swabs to clean out the wells, but it runs great now.

Also happy valentines day (or I Love Free Software Day, if that's your shtick)!


I hate whoever said "Yeah, let's re-do the cover for the US release."

VideoLAN's Twitter background image is a Day of the Tentacle reference and that's pretty great.

Giving my "The best of..." albums some custom cover art because they didn't come with any.

An alphanumeric converter in Guile, finished in a day thanks to a solution by cwebber:

Today I wrote a script that renames files based on their Vorbis Comment metadata.

Teams Gives me a "No such organization" error on login. I hope this isn't because I'm using !

Also I don't think "Organization" should be capitalized, but that's less important.

While looking for IEEE 1003 I happened upon RFC 1003, which I guess is just a lost science fiction novel.

I don't really play games, and I know last year I said I'd never get one of these, but... It was $10 at the thrift store.

It's no MC2, either. This thing's got metal, weight, & resistance.

It's oddly solid compared to other gaming peripherals of the 90's (it's USB, too!)

"Distributed Arcade", an experimental concept for arcade managers that I will definitely never try, since I don't know the first thing about arcades or management.

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