"Planting Flowers in Guile", the fist draft of my "tutorial" is out. Tell me what you think should be changed because I feel like it's missing a whole lot of information... 😅

It's written in Skribe, but I haven't found a way to do code-indentation or efficient newlines, but eventually it'll be good 👌


I'd suggest readline for the REPL, as Chris Webber does in his introduction

I couldn't read the piece on recursion because of missing identation, I can't wait !


also, I appreciate the fact that your stylesheet keeps into accont the size of the window you read the post in

As I shrink the window, the layout switches to a setup for small windows

Well done

Thank you so much!

Ah yes, readline! I actually forgot it wasn't active by default! I'll definitely add it in! Thanks for pointing that out. 👌

Yeah I made the text just a bit bigger for smaller screens, but when I accessed the page with my smartphone I realized that the font was a little *too* big! I'll have to fiddle with it a bit 🤔

@catonano @MutoShack

I agree, readline is a must have if you don't want newcomers running away from the cold basic REPL and don't try to see further. I also add the guile-colorized !


Readline brings history and guile-colorized brings colorization !

I think #guile should come with both by default.


That looks pretty cool! I personally use Geiser inside Emacs, which does a good job with auto-indentation & syntax highlighting, but for terminals I think guile-color would be great! I'll have to install it, thanks 👍

@jeko @MutoShack

I didn't know about colorize

It's surely interresting !

@MutoShack Hey, I worked through your tutorial. Thanks for writing it! I wouldn't have tried guile without it.

I have a few suggestions on the tutorial. I would rather share them in private. For private messages I should reach you through wire, right?


Yep! You can contact me on Wire

Thanks for reading it & I look forward to your feedback!

I still need to touch up the area on pattern matching & the math syntax isn't immediately obvious to new users, but it's slowly coming along.

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