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Just watched Ghost in the Shell and I think it was a pretty good movie, but don't take my word for it. I mean, I like everything! (except maybe JavaScript)

@MutoShack I meant, why did you muto think it was good?

Muto/Hurd🌷 @MutoShack

Interesting! Maybe the movie got bad reviews because it didn't stay true to / wasn't as well done as the anime version? I wouldn't know as I've never seen the anime version, but I really liked the way the whole city was designed. It had a nice cyberpunk-esque to it.

The storyline was a little cheesy, but that's something I really like to see in movies, it has a charm.
I'm not sure why, but it all gave me "Mirrors Edge" vibes as well. All in all I think it was good, despite poor reviews

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@MutoShack @gemlog I enjoyed it. A bit like a modernised robo cop with a few twists


Its good to hear someone else enjoyed it other than just me! I might just have to read the manga now, haha!