I love all the practical stuff in here !
❤️ @Sandra

@MutoShack Allo, why have choose Guile as Scheme flavor?

(I'm curious about Scheme these days)

@hs0ucy Sorry for the late reply; I haven't been super active on that account as of late.

I like Guile because, although the documentation isn't /perfect/, it's still much cleaner and complete than most implementations. The community is an "okay" size, as far as Scheme communities go, and it still sees active development.

Honestly, most Schemes are fun to use. I can't say much for them from a /professional/ standpoint, as I still see it as an academic language more or less (although I /did/ do some contract work in Scheme, and it was fun. I'm just not sure how amazing of a decision it was from a business perspective)

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