just gonna repost this cause i've been frustrated with stuff lately.

@david LOL this is a mood! I complained about this in the past, about how most websites /about/ proper webdesign are usually the worst designed sites, haha!

@david Their sites are usually really stripped down anyway so they can't even use the excuse "It's too hard!" This is mine in the screenshot. Styling was only 24 lines and it passes color tests at AAA level. If they can't even do that, they're either too lazy or don't care

@trebach @david

That's an awesome site! My site is AAA compliant as well, all but hyperlinks, which are only AA, embarrassingly (though I do plan on fixing it)!

@MutoShack @trebach it doesn't look like it'd take much to get it there!

It was important to me to make the text on my site as accessible as possible, including AAA on links

@elly tools like eyeballs are pretty handy, too.

but all jokes aside, 100% agreed! WCAG exists for a reason, like, aaaa :blobcatonfire:

@MutoShack I agree completely haha! Sometimes a colour contrast looks ok but isn't so it's always good to double check


Yeah, there are /loads/ of ways to make websites inaccessible, and lots of webdesigners like to do /all/ of them!

@MutoShack Reminds me of this abomination of "contrast" on the page for the Analogue Mega Sg


oof ouuuuuch! yeah muto does not like that, haha!

it's so common though; i visit a website that's low-contrast and I'm like "ok maybe this is actually fine and i just need to sit closer to the screen & adjust my eyes. yeah, that's right"

@ShiningWing @MutoShack stuff like this makes me glad Gemini does styling client-side. No one can force bad fonts or colors on you. Also an advantage to browsing from a terminal web browser.

@MutoShack imagine if Websites were usable without Reader Mode

@meena oh man that would be nice!

also i guess that's kinda what gemini tries to do, although gemini is pretty controversial for some reason; i still think it's cute!

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