"This thing claims I have mail. Dude, now I'm reading it!"
- Scott Pilgrim

This scene was comedic, yeah, but it also made me think, like, "that's the life I want".

To care so little about the world in the computer. It's a life you can really only portray in fiction nowadays. Or maybe not. Maybe I should disconnect a bit more often.


It was a comedy film called "Scott Pillgrim VS The World"

I don't watch many movies anymore, but it was really funny!

@MutoShack @AbbieNormal it's also a comic which I recommend! Set in Toronto, Ontario, Canada 😋

@MutoShack my coworker draws floor plans on grid paper. If it were me I'd probably spend 6 years researching software applications before even thinking about what I wanted to draw 😳

I love that he's like this, focused on the outcome, not worrying about the process.

That said, coming off of a week with no internet access at home, I definitely feel like it was more disruptive than helpful.

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