update: pics developed, but they are way too faded & i have to edit the heck out of them in order to pull out any kind of meaningful detail.

overall, muto is sad.

I'm not /too/ sad though, because /most/ of these pictures are of telephone poles & trees, so that's ok.

@MutoShack For a hundred years 'telephone poles' and 'trees' were interchangeable terms in my town!

@MutoShack I know you're sad because you had something else in mind, but I think they look really cool!

Evangelion vibes 😋


@kai @namtari

Aw thanks, guys :meowpat:

It's just always a /bit/ of a bummer when the scans require editing. IMO /good/ photography would never require you to open editing software.

Also, due to the /ungodly/ amount of contrast editing, too many subtle details were lost, and that's kind a sad.

Of course, I felt super "meh" about most of the shots in that roll, so I'm thankful that I didn't lose anything important, at least!

But yeah, they do have a nice "lowfi spooky" vibe to them!

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