developing some film!

ahhh it's been too long. this is nice :camfy: :ablobcatbongo:

I didn't wanna open my second bottle of developer, so I'm like 2 ounces too short & I'm filling that with water but like, I /should/ be able to just expose it for a bit longer. it'll be fine :blobcatgooglyshrug2:

Stopper goes in yellow & comes out purple & i'm just like "it's science. science is happening right now, right in front of me!"

hopefully the developer isn't too old. it's not even 6 months yet so i ////should//// be pretty fine.

this stuff has been really forgiving in the past, so i'm just sort of expecting it to work out.


oh nononononono these do not look like they developed /at all/.

scared, this is not good. that was a fun trip but i'll be sad if i did this wrong... i should have followed the directions tbh.

oki, taking a shower, will post updates afterwards, when the film has a chance to dry.

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