It's out!!

Well, a draft, at least. It took way longer than it should have to scrape up the information.

The big comparison of clients, where I talk a bit about configuring MUA's such as:

and also add little notes & ideas about them.

The whole article is in sections; you're supposed to hop around to whatever you're into.

It'll probably take another week before it's good enough to be considered "done", but I'm proud enough that I wanted to push it out a bit early.

Continued note. 

And if you're gonna say "But Muto, all that information is on the EmacsWiki!!"

Well that's because I've been editing that wiki as I go along.

So if you think some of my Emacsy articles look like I stole snippits from the wiki, well, it's actually the other way around.

@MutoShack I didn't know #Rmail was now able to deal with #IMAP protocol.

Thanks for that article 👍

@hs0ucy Yeah! Rmail can deal with IMAP, but only if you have Mailutils installed.

Unfortunately, no matter if you use POP or IMAP, rmail will still delete mail from the server

And with 'rmail-preserve-inbox', your mail will always be duplicated, so for some workflows it's a bit awkward.

@MutoShack Could it be that you haven't defined the color of your main text?


1) Oh nuts, thanks! I'll specify the font colour.

2) I'm trying to keep it complete, but for now that mostly means "writing down whatever's on my mind". I'll probably refine it more in the future. Thanks.

@MutoShack I always start with the requirements:
This way, the reader knows my focus points and is able to compare with hers.

@MutoShack Why does your article focus so much on mbox? I do think (1) that maildir is far superior and (2) users rarely do care at all about mail storage formats.

@MutoShack Thank you for this! I think a great topic to add to a post like this is how each client (+ downstream, like offlineimap, mbsync, etc) handles #o365 / #exchange or gapps #gmail!

I spent an obscene amount of time setting up mu4e, then enjoyed it for all of 5 minutes before my office's o365/exchange implementation broke IMAP 😠

@unl0ckd That's a good idea. It seems like something most people are interested in, so I'll think about it.

Although, I don't do much gmai/o365, so I don't know how much info I'll be able to write around it, but I'll keep it in mind!

That's one thing I can't stand about Gmail: it takes /extra/ work for 3rd party mail clients to talk to it, and it's frustrating, haha!


Over the years, I've used rmail, gnus, mew, wanderlust, mh-e, back to wanderlust, then notmuch. Viewmail I've never heard off, but I've read the mu4e docs.

For me notmuch is my fave. Love it love it love it. I was like "loox like the cool kids are switching from offlineimap+notmuch to mbsync+mu4e", and decided to do the same, a decision I procrastinated on for two years. When i finally looked into I decided notmuch suits me way better than mu4e, but mbsync is strawberry jam.

While I used wanderlust after mh-e, I liked mh-e better, UX wise. Wanderlust just was more robust and easier to set up. If notmuch didn't exist, I'd use mu4e, then mh-e. Gnus is... not a good time♥ Although it life-changingly introduced me to Reznikoff.

(After reading your fantastic text) Oh yeah, the SMTP is why I stopped with mh-e; I used it when my computer was the smtp server and had to give it up once it wasn't any more. (In other words, I used wanderlust when I was using a third-party email service, in between my ex took down his mail server and before I set up my own) When msmtp didn't exist. I forgot that that was the reason.
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