You can get 1GHz of processing power for uber-cheap, but rich people are still trying to convince us that we need expensive computers just to talk to our friends.

I guess this is /kind/ of a hot take, and i know it's more well-known around here, but i wanted to complain.

because my computer, at 2.5GHz, wheezes when it tries to load Discord. *everyone* uses Discord, it's like, a standard or something.

So in the eye of the general public, "if a computer cannot open Discord, you cannot communicate on that computer"

because even though I can load a zillion servers & a bajillion channels on irssi, that simply doesn't matter, because let's face it, your friends don't want to use irc.

meh nevermind, i'm just sitting around venting cause i'm tired.

@MutoShack I just make a point of not jumping through hoops for Discord. If people want to reach me, they know the places I can consistently be reached


I'm very much in this boat, too. There are way too many big, popular chat solutions.

I mean, I don't want Discord, Twitter, Webex, Ring, Wire, Telephony, Whatsapp, Facebook, Slack, Skype, WeChat, Telegram, Kakaotalk, Hangouts, LINE, Viber, Snapchat, Instagram, Kik, ICQ, AOL, IMO, and Signal!

Mind you, I'd probably only be talking to 1 - 2 people per platform, /and/ all those companies would be trying to send me newsletter emails & spamming up my inbox!

aaaa sorry for venting, I'm just in a venty mood right now, haha

@MutoShack I honestly appreciate the venting. I feel consistently all alone in people feeling like it's necessary to pull me every which way. I'm just glad I'm not alone in feeling exhausted by this.

I've avoided using Discord for ages because I believe any proprietary or centralized communication middleman is unethical. Now that I have to use Discord for classes, I'm realizing how frustrating it is to use firsthand

caps, text screaming 


I appreciate the fact that you appreciate my vents, speaking of which...

> Discord for classes

AAAAAAAAAAAAA :meowNotLikeThisCry:


Following right behind Moore's law concerning transistors, is the Discord law: Every year, the number of bites required to send a string doubles.

@MutoShack is a friend who can't figure out IRC a friend worth having? ;)

At any rate, when all else fails, I still have email.

First, there was #freenode IRC channels.
Now there is #discord.

I actually like Matrix groups (with IRC bridges) better. They are like Discord but without all the gimmicks.

@MutoShack Meanwhile I'm running a Mumble server (umurmurd) for voice calls on my "underpowered" router and I'm happy with it.

@MutoShack It definitely sucks that you could use discord on the terminal but 3rd party apps are against the discord ToS.

@red Oh heck, for real!

I remember looking around one time, and I only found /one/ CLI client for Discord, but the readme said something like:

"This client is not maintained anymore because discord terminated the maintainers account, and they will probably kill yours too, if you use this software!"

It made me frustrated, cause I was so happy to finally find a light enough client.

@MutoShack @red I hate Discord for too many reasons. Their desktop app is all in Electrum, so bloated AF. If you REALLY want to use it, lol, then try out the 3rd party ripcord client.

@MutoShack @red bitlbee-discord still works for the most part but development is sporadic and things like reply context are missing.


I used the web client back in like, 2017 for a while. I think they have a desktop client but it's... Literally just the webapp in a box.

@MutoShack @stuartbrand desktop clients that do that are the worst

At least we get to play around with inspect element though

@MutoShack it is interesting to me how apparently difficult "chat" is.

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