I wish Firefox had a "Add comment about this bookmark!" option. I would totally use that.

For example, I have the Wikipedia page for "Going Postal", the 33rd book of the Discworld series, bookmarked.

I have never read Discworld. Going Postal was probably referenced in some old software documentation and I wanted to check it out, but I mean, I wish I had a way to remind my future self why the heck all this stuff is here!

It might have also just been a book @grainloom was talking about. I dunno. I tend to bookmark a lot of Grainloom's stuff.

Actually, come to think of it... I book a lot of *everyone's* stuff. Heck, if anyone posted a link to something within the past 5 years, I probably bookmarked it.

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They actually used to have that, but if I remember correctly, they had problems with it when they were reimplementing Firefox Sync and pretty much no one used the description field anyways, so they decided to remove it.

@MutoShack At that point, it might actually be nicer to make a note of it somewhere, where you can capture all the context you want, as well as refer to it from other notes (if you aren't aware with the term: do a quick search for "zettelkasten", it might suit you). Also, I'm fairly sure there's one or more self-hosted bookmark apps/plugins to keep that data around.

Apart from all that: *do* read Going Postal (and while you're at it, the rest of the Discworld works). Pratchett was a master.

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