Wait hold on a sec

Obelisks (those big, long, stone rectangles with the point at the end) are used to tell time.

I thought they were just, like, random monuments. Holy nuts they're just big sundials!

I mean... I think? I read it in an article for like a second, but I can't find the tab anymore. Huh. Maybe they ARE just big monuments...

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@MutoShack I'm still curious about that font. I didn't see anything special about it and even thought the kerning wasn't that great. *However*, it has been proven to me time and time again that I possess zero artistic ability, so... I'm likely missing something obvious.


Well, it *is* the default font on my ereader, which I use pretty often, so maybe I just feel comfortable when I see it in other places, cause I'm used to it.

The only thing I don't like are the numbers. They feel like they're... Not straight.

Well, that and the fact that o and 0 look *way* too similar.

I like how the apostrophe and asterisk have a bit of a shape to them, rather than just being sticks.

Ah, OK. Regular practical considerations that I can understand! :-)
I always choose fonts that don't make ell and capital i look the same and, yes, zero and 'O'.
These are important in general, not only on a computer.


Which serif fonts do you prefer, anyway? I usually only pay attention to monospaced/sans fonts, but I've been broadening my horizons as of late.

@MutoShack I guess I don't really have one! I rarely make 'documents' and when I do they tend to be for others, like a poster or something. You can spend time fixing whatever font matches I guess.
For ppl's resumes I pick something staid that resembles helvetica.
I care more for my browser and my shell. And it looks like I'm not fussy, so long as all chars are different looking. atkinson, hack, andale mono... depends where. I just checked.


They are both: big monuments (representing/evocating big penises) and big sundials


Oh *that's* what they're supposed to look like! 😅

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