Bloot Test, complaining 

Went for a blood test yesterday and jeez no wonder it takes so long!

They take the doctor's papers from you, then, they copy it all to their DB (manually, by typing it all in to separate fields), then they need to find the MD's license and where they work.

It took like 8 minutes for me even with 0 problems, which isn't *that* long, but when you wait in line for an hour it might help to have a faster, maybe automatic, process.

(I'm not here to provide any profound solution. I'm just complaining)

Bloot Test, complaining 

@MutoShack try moving floors in a hospital. It's like you just walked in the front door.

Or going from one hospital to another, even if they are in the same building, but you have to go by ambulance because them are the rules.

Bloot Test, complaining 

After a whole hour, did you then get results?
My GP's "complex" gives test requisitions on the letterhead of LifeLabs, which is some capitalist outfit back east. They don't do any tests in town, but fly them all out. Just spin down the blood for e.g. and ship it.
Conversely, I can go to my local hospital, nearly no wait time and they do all the work here right away.
PLUS, BCMed pays my local hospital instead of bloody LifeLab! Also:

Blood Test, complaining 


No results. Just the test. I never tried going to a hospital, cause the closest one is 30 minutes away (so the trip there & back is an hour in total anyway) so I just go to my local Dynalife.

Also ouch! I think we've all gotten numb to "Personal data stolen, billion dollars lost" headlines though, haha!

Also love how all these articles are very vague on the technical side of things, cause "Extremely sophisticated security exploit" sounds cooler than "my telnet password is 123456, whoops!"

Blood Test, complaining 

@MutoShack I know, it's never some xsite scripting attack, but always a
sophisticated assault, probably by a government actor like russia or china... :-)
FYI, dynalife ownership:
In my town lifelabs is in the same building as all the doctors, so we the sheeple match the logo with the lab on the main floor and simply submit.
Well, unless you know better.
Besides, in your case, all the work is done locally to you.

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